Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis

Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis

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Give yourself and those you care about most the most precious gift of all, the gift of health!

"Never Be Sick Again" is the most important medical discovery in 200 years!

This groundbreaking book presents a new and practical model of health and disease. "Never Be Sick Again" makes most of modern medicine's practices obsolete. In straightforward language, the book tells you:

  • Why you are sick long before you get sick...and how traditional medicine can make you sicker.
  • Why malnutrition is the leading cause of diseasein America!
  • Why providing for the needs of the cell can make you healthy and keep you healthy.
  • How toxins jam the cellular machinery necessary for life.
  • Why you cannot be sick if your cells are healthy.
  • How understanding the model of heath and disease in this book can empower you to prevent -
    even reverse - chronic disease.

One Disease...Two Causes...Six Pathways

There is only One Disease: Malfunctioning cells. All cell malfunction can be reduced to Two Causes: Deficiency and Toxicity.

By addressing the Two Causes through the Six Pathways (Nutrition, Toxin, Psychological, Physical, Genetic, Medical) almost all disease can be prevented or reversed.

The potential for health and longevity is far greater than we realize - or are achieving. Modern medicine suppresses symptoms rather than addressing causes, so disease remains chronic. By learning how to optimize our direction on each of the Six Pathways, we can put ourselves in control of our health, happiness, and longevity.

Health is a choice. Learn how to choose it.

To change your life and the lives of those you love, read "Never Be Sick Again."


Priceless!Review by SR
How much would the world save in Health Care and prescription drug costs if <br>we followed this simple and profoundly logical approach to taking care of ourselves?<br> How much preventable suffering? This is a priceless book that should be in every home. (Posted on 5/27/12)
a complete health bible!Review by robert a bahret
to be straight to the point this book should be in every home in america ! <br>(seeing as the u.s. is the sickest of the industrialized nations) complete information covering all relevant <br>subjects from nutrition to genetics . an absolute must buy ! (Posted on 8/30/11)

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