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Jan 23rd 2024

New Threat to Our Health Freedom

. . .  School children to be given vaccines without parental consent Here’s another important challenge to all of us who care about protecting health freedom in America. California legislators have proposed to eliminate parental involvement and consent in their adolescent children’s “choice” to accept dangerous vaccines.  If this measure passes in California, other states will be sure to follow. While some teens and tweens may be informed enough and strong enough to take a stand against peer pressure and school authorities pushing the vaccine of the moment, most minor children are not. That’s why this age group is under the legal age of consent and why parents are charged with the right and the responsibility of making certain decisions for them. This legislation seems to be a thinly veiled attempt to simply get more children vaccinated, overriding the wishes of many parents. As the Natural Solutions Foundation observes, if parents are deprived of the right to make health decisions for their minor children, “how long will it be before they – and you – no longer have the right to make these same decisions for yourself?” Please join us in contacting your state legislators, whether you live in California or not, to let them know you want to preserve parental rights when it comes to vaccinations and your children by clicking HERE. Subscribe: Facebook | NewsClips




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