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Beyond Health Cleaning Cloth

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The Beyond Health Cleaning Cloth is lighter, stronger, more absorbent and safer (in terms of scratching or in any way marring or blurring) than other cloths. It can go through hundreds of washings without losing its strength or shape and has an average use life of 5 years. But most of all, it is simply more effective than anything anyone else has even imagined before. It can replace 90% of paper towel use. Paper products account for more than 30% of timber cut in the U.S., and paper towels, which cannot be recycled, take their fair share of that percentage.

Beyond Health has finally found a cleaning product for you that can:
  1. Replace all the household cleaners under your kitchen sink,
  2. Cut the time it currently takes to clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces, chrome, stainless steel, computer and plasma TV screens, corian, granite, marble, tile, hardwood, counter tops, shower doors, appliances, even vehicles and sporting equipment, and much more IN HALF,
  3. Leave all surfaces, even sticky, grimy surfaces, streak free, spot free, and lint and dust free WITH ONE WIPE, EVERY TIME,
  4. Replace 90% of the paper towels you now use,
  5. And do all this without using a single chemical or harming the environment in any way during its entire manufacture or life.

How does it do it? It's a patented process, but it has to do with the way the cloth is constructed. In a technology light years ahead of microfiber, open spaces are created between filaments that are 5-10 times thinner than microfibers. These spaces act as millions of tiny "scoops" that pull dust, dirt, grease, grime, oil, soap scum, stickiness, fingerprints, hair spray, bugs, smoke film, tar, brake dust,
dog nose prints and other contaminants into the cloth and hold them until they're washed away with
mild soap and water. Laboratory tests have proved that when used properly the Beyond Health Cleaning Cloth pulls up to 96% of bacteria off surfaces.

The size of the Beyond Health Cleaning Cloth is 15in x 13in.

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