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Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap - Eucalyptus CASTILLE Soap

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This pre-castile cleansing bar from Dr. Bronner's All One! ® Hemp Eucalyptus Magic Soap is designed to purify body‚ mind‚ soul‚ and spirit‚ with one formula. Natural oils extracted from coconut‚ hemp‚ olive and jojoba work to moisturize‚ and may noticeably lessen dryness of skin and related discomforts.

Hemp oil has excellent moisturizing properties for scalp and hair; it could prevent split ends‚ and stimulate hair growth. Research indicates that lipid-enhancing coconut oil has antimicrobial benefits and could act as sunscreen to dramatically improve the appearance of skin and hair. Olive oil promotes exfoliation to boost a healthy glow‚ and could provide antioxidant protection to delay signs of aging.


Saponified organic coconut*, organic palm & organic olive* oils (w/retained glycerin), water, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, organic eucalyptus oil, salt, citric acid, vitamin E.

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