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Pet Multi Chews - Large Pets

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Beyond Health’s Pet Multi Chews for Large Pets is a complete daily formula created for your pet using the latest nutritional research.

Beyond Health’s Pet Multi Chews includes:

1) A full spectrum of B-complex vitamins

  • Vitamin B-1 as thiamin diphosphate
  • Vitamin B-2 as riboflavin 5’-phosphate
  • Vitamin B-3 as niacinamide and niacin
  • Vitamin B-5 as pantethine and pantothenic acid
  • Vitamin B-6 as pyridoxal 5’-phosphate
  • Folate as folinic acid
  • Vitamin B-12 as methylcobalamin
  • Biotin—pure crystalline

2) The most absorbable and usable forms of the fat-soluble vitamins

  • Vitamin A as palmitate and natural beta-carotene
  • Vitamin E as d-alpha tocopherol succinate
  • Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol
  • Vitamin K as phylloquinone

3) Easily assimilated mineral carriers that provide the body with important metabolic substrates

  • Ascorbates—Vitamin C
  • Krebs cycle bionutrients—citrate, succinate, alpha-ketoglutarate, fumarate, and malate
  • Amino acids—glycine and aspartic acid
  • Sebacate

* A complete and balanced supply of the most abundant carotenoids found in the body, including Beta-Carotene, Lycopene, and Lutein.
* A variety of the best-known herbal ingredients, including k-Rutin™, Grape Extract, Turmeric, Broccoli Powder, and Spinach Extract Octacosanol.
* Readily absorbed forms of all essential minerals, including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, Boron, Copper, Chromium, MolybdenumVanadium, and Selenium.
* Sulfur-containing amino acids that support the body’s detoxification systems.
* Desiccated Fish (tuna source) and Liver (bovine source) to increase nutritional value and palatability.
* Extra-high levels of Choline and Inositol that play critical roles in all cell membranes, as well as in brain and liver function.
* Betaine HCl to support digestive processes.

As a dietary supplement for pets, give 1 tablet daily per 30 pounds body weight preferably with food, or as directed by an animal health care professional.

Beyond Health’s Pet Multi Chews does not contain wheat, rye, oats, barley, corn, gluten, yeast, egg, soy, dairy, sugar, wax, preservatives, colorings, or artificial flavorings.

Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts
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