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An allergic reaction is an inappropriate immune response to a harmless substance. This hyper-reaction, which sets off a cascade of harmful inflammatory chemicals, indicates an immune dysfunction that, long-term, needs to be healed. Short-term, the immune system needs to be supported and its reactivity calmed down. Meanwhile inflammatory damage needs to be checked, free radicals mopped up with antioxidants, and immune-complexes and excess mucus broken down and disposed of.

While medications intervene at a single point in the allergic reaction process, the 13 active ingredients in Beyond Health's Allergy Defense Formula address this complex reaction in many different ways and at various junctures. Thus, symptoms are subdued and more easily cleared.

Vitamin C, Nettle Leaf, and curcumin are each powerful antihistamines with additional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamins B6 and B5 along with licorice, help the adrenals to modulate an over-active immune system while maintaining its healthy function. Steroid drugs, in contrast, knock out immunity, leaving you vulnerable to infections. Additional elements in our formula have been shown to break up mucus, immune complexes and damaged tissue for disposal; energize cells; relax smooth muscle in the respiratory system; strengthen the immune system; stabilize cell membranes making them less reactive to allergens; support detoxification pathways; and last, but not least, provide superior antioxidant support to combat free radicals generated by inflammatory processes.

Because they are more body-friendly, herbs and nutrients have far fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals. Still, as with any new supplement, we suggest you start Allergy Defense Formula slowly to see if it agrees with you. Also check it out with any healthcare provider you are seeing. As always, this product will work best when taken together with one of our Wellness Kits. We also strongly recommend additional vitamin C (taken to bowel tolerance) and quercetin. We're very excited to be offering Allergy Defense Formula as formidable, comprehensive immune system support for those dealing with allergies. It can also be used in conjunction with gastrointestinal support in dealing with food allergies.

Try it now if you suffer from indoor inhalant allergies, or, if you're one of the millions who suffer from outdoor allergies, start taking Allergy Defense Formula in mid-March to prepare yourself for a much more comfortable Spring.

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