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Bug Be Gone

Enjoy outdoor adventures and play! Get outside in comfort.

Our Bug Be Gone utilizes both infused herbs and essential oils to keep pests away.  Bug Be Gone is a non-toxic bug deterrent that is safe for children and pets. The infused herbs help keep pests at bay and help minimize reaction to early bites or stings.

Bug Be Gone comes in two application options, a cream or a stick.  The cream is soft and easy to apply to children. It’s more temperature sensitive, and is best kept in a cooler when used in hot temperatures.

Our stick is much more solid, more temperature stable, with a slight drag on the skin and tends to be more comfortable for older children or adults. It’s easier to carry in a backpack or beach bag.

We hand craft our Bug Be Gone in small batches for highest quality and freshness.  The cream comes packaged in a reusable or recyclable glass jar.  The stick comes in a biodegradable paperboard push up tube.

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