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The Shocking Truth About Allergies

Jan 23rd 2024

The Shocking Truth About Allergies

It seems like everyone today has allergies of one kind or another, especially beginning this time of year when pollen counts surge. They’re so common we’ve come to accept them as normal and “no big deal.”

However, unknown to most people, every allergy attack is a serious attack on health, with long-term consequences. Such reactions chew up precious chemicals and energy that need to be replaced by our already deficient diets. They slow tissue repair so that daily repairs aren’t made, and repair deficits accumulate. Repeated allergy attacks seriously impair health, leading to other diseases, infections, loss of energy, and a shorter lifespan.

Here’s what happens in an allergic reaction: When a substance the body falsely identifies as harmful, called an allergen, enters the bloodstream, the immune system creates an antibody to combine with it and block its effects until the body can get rid of it. Combinations of allergens and antibodies are called immune complexes.  Vast numbers of immune complexes are formed when you are exposed to allergens daily.

The body was never designed to process the excessive immune complexes formed under these conditions, and they end up piling up in tissues, such as brain tissue, arteries, small blood vessels, liver, uterus, lungs, kidneys, etc.  Immune complexes may be responsible for up to 90% of human kidney disease. Complexes can clog blood vessels (contributing to heart disease) and joints (causing arthritis) and are known to release damaging inflammatory chemicals that cause a cascade of health-damaging effects.

Allergic reactions can cause tissue swelling and oxygen deprivation at a cellular level. Oxygen deficient cells don’t produce needed energy, and become acidic, causing further malfunction and eventual cell death. Immune function is depressed and stays depressed for the duration of an allergic exposure.  Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin, a preeminent medical researcher, concluded that the main difference between people who got frequent colds and those who didn’t be that the cold-free population didn’t have allergies.


It’s important to minimize exposures to allergens and to avoid using toxic medications to treat symptoms at the expense of long-term health.  For many years, our recommended first aid for allergy attacks has been vitamin C to bowel tolerance along with quercetin (Beyond Health Cell Repair Formula). Both are powerful antihistamines, and together they are dynamite!

However, responding to the growing need for allergy support, we recently put together a formula that can be taken in addition, on an ongoing basis before and during allergy season, called Allergy Defense Formula. The 13 active ingredients in this comprehensive formula address allergic reactions in many ways and at various junctures to maximally subdue and clear symptoms.  The longer you take it, the stronger the support you’ll get.




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