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Health Roadmaps

The Beyond Health Model - To take control of your health, you must have a clear understanding of disease. Our approach is both revolutionary and simple.

The Roadmap to Choosing Supplements

In 1998, the National Academy of Sciences issued a profound statement saying that most people can no longer get all the nutrients they need even if they eat a good diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. In 2002, a landmark study analyzing 36 years of data in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that every American needs at least a daily multivitamin regardless of age or health.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are critical to maintaining the natural balance of essential nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. When there is an imbalance in your body chemistry, it can trigger health issues and lead to serious illness.

Food isn't what it used to be – premature harvesting, long transit times to market, factory processing and other practices of agribusiness have dramatically reduced the nutritional quality of our food. The conventional produce you buy at the supermarket today is vastly inferior to what was available only fifty years ago.

Our modern lives require more nutrients – while our food sources are diminishing in nutrients, there is an unprecedented burden of exposure to an increasing number of environmental toxins being placed on our bodies, dramatically increasing our need for nutrients.

Bottom line is that we need to close this nutritional gap. The good news is you can get the nutrition you need by learning how to eat a good diet of fresh, whole, organic foods and by learning how to select proper nutritional supplements.

The Roadmap to Supplements addresses the nutritional hurdles consumers are facing today and helps you identify the quality factors to look for when choosing a supplement. The roadmap also provides information on "red flags" you should avoid and the effective ingredients you should seek out in various vitamin and supplement formulations.

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The Roadmap to Ultimate Health

We are in the midst of an unprecedented epidemic of chronic and degenerative disease. The health of the American people is in a long-term downtrend and cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity are out-of-control.

The Beyond Health Model is based on the philosophy that all illness is caused by one condition – cellular malfunction. There are many different ways in which cells can malfunction, producing thousands of different symptoms. The key to achieving optimal health is understanding why your cells are malfunctioning and how to prevent/reverse it. Cellular malfunction occurs in two ways, through deficiency (the lack of something cells need to function properly) or toxicity (the presence of something that interferes with normal cell function).

The Beyond Health Model then addresses the Six Pathways between health and disease. Where you are and what direction you move on each pathway will determine the state of your health. These Six Pathways are:

  • Nutrition: chronic deficiency of even a single nutrient can cause disease
  • Toxins: toxins in our environment interfere with cell chemistry
  • Mental: the activity of our mind affects every cell in our body
  • Physical: exercise resets your body's metabolism
  • Genetic: genes are not a guarantee that something will happen – just the potential for something to happen
  • Medical: health-enhancing therapies – not to be confused with conventional medicine – repair and strengthen the cells in your body

The Roadmap to Ultimate Health is compilation of the key information provided in Never Be Sick Again and provides a concise guideline for understanding the Beyond Health model of health.

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