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Beyond Health Model

The Beyond Health Model - To take control of your health, you must have a clear understanding of disease. Our approach is both revolutionary and simple.

There is only One Disease. Your body is made of cells, and when a large number of your cells malfunction, for any reason, that is the One Disease.

There are only Two Causes of cellular malfunction: deficiency, cells are not getting what they need; or toxicity, cells are being poisoned by something they do not need.

Like any organism, the human body has specific daily needs that must be met. Without meeting these needs, the body will not function properly and optimal health cannot be maintained.

Whether you suffer from allergies, cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, or the common cold, the cause is the same - malfunctioning cells, the one disease.

The problem is that the lifestyle of the average American does not provide for these needs; disease is the logical and inevitable result.

It does not have to be this way. Health is a choice. Virtually all disease can be prevented and most can be reversed. We have to recognize that everything in our lives influences our health, for better or for worse.

Every choice we make from the time we get up until the time we go to bed affects our health.

Those people who are willing to work and provide for their health will discover that, with even a modest amount of education and effort, it is possible to make better choices. Such deliberate and informed choices will empower people to get well, stay well, and reduce or even eliminate the need for most medications.

All the products we have researched and make available at Beyond Health support cell function, either by supplying cells with vital nutrients or by protecting cells from toxic damage.

The health information on this website and in Beyond Health® News is designed to inform you of the choices you can make that can empower you to choose health.

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