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Reduce Memory Loss with Vitamin E

Studies show Vitamin E plays a significant role in memory function... Read more

Woman ExercisingIs Alzheimer's a Women's Disease?

Alzheimer's may affect women more than men in several ways... Read more



Protecting Our Health Freedoms

When the Amercian Medical Association (AMA) was founded in 1846, one might imagine it was to further the science of medicine. In fact, the real reasons had a lot more to do with economics. In 1844, the first medical association in the United States... Read more

7 Critical Steps for Taking Charge of Your Health in 2014

You've heard us say before - "health is not chance, it's a choice." So to start out the New Year, we're challenging you - our Beyond Health family - to take the steps necessary to dedicate 2014 to improving health for yourself and your loved ones... Read more



H. pylori Infection

Question: I have a stomach ulcer and have been diagnosed with an H. pylori infection. My doctor wants to put me on antibiotics. Is there a natural treatment for H. pylori?... Read more

Antibacterial, Triclosan

Question: For years the Food and Drug Administration has maintained that the antibacterial triclosan is safe. Now they're backtracking and asking manufacturers that include triclosan in their products to prove it is safe and effective. What is your opinion on triclosan?... Read more