Why Choose Us

Beyond Health products provide the highest value for your money. Because of the superior biological activity of our products, your body is getting the nutrition it needs to keep you healthy. We use properly balanced ingredients that are the purest obtainable and biologically correct for what your body needs, wants, and can use.

Most other vitamins are poorly formulated and contain synthetic ingredients, made from petrochemicals. These synthetics contain foreign molecules that the body cannot use and can actually interfere with your normal metabolism.

When you purchase these synthetic vitamin supplements you are getting a poor value, because they are made from ingredients that are only partially utilized by your body and can actually be counterproductive to your health.

If you spend a dollar on a supplement and get fifteen cents worth of biological value, you lose twice:

  1. You are not spending your money wisely, and
  2. Your body isn’t getting the nutrition it needs to keep you healthy
Buy your supplements from Beyond Health and you can feel confident in the products, in the value and in your health.


Why Buy Your Supplements
from Beyond Health?

  1. We offer the highest quality products with the highest biological activity, which means the greatest value for you.

  2. Our products are all carefully selected and approved by MIT scientist and best-selling author, Raymond Francis.

  3. Our supplements contain properly balanced ingredients that are the purest available in the marketplace.