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Berry Meal Blast: the Ultimate Meal Replacement Powder - Part Two

Apr 28th 2019

Berry Meal Blast: the Ultimate Meal Replacement Powder - Part Two

Berry Meal Blast, Beyond Health’s new meal replacement product, is exceeding all expectations—and it is flying off our shelves. Starting with remarkable increases in vitality and energy, this product is addressing long-standing health concerns and changing lives.

Herbs that Cleanse, Balance, and Strengthen

Berry Meal Blast contains a select group of 18 organic and wild-crafted herbs that have been used successfully for thousands of years to support general health. These include burdock root for cleansing the blood; milk thistle to cleanse and support the liver; rhodiola and licorice root to balance hormones; astragalus to balance, strengthen and tone the body’s overall vitality; a complex of six different medicinal mushrooms and a very special form of aloe vera for strengthening immunity; ginger and dandelion root to strengthen digestion; and rutin to strengthen circulation.  

Unlike prescription drugs, which target a specific chemical pathway, herbs have wide-ranging benefits, especially herbs like these that have become classics in herbal medicine. Each has multiple documented health-supporting and cell-protective attributes, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Broccoli Sprouts Combat Cancer

Broccoli contains a highly beneficial compound called sulforaphane that promotes detoxification, strengthens antioxidant power and combats cancer.  The broccoli sprout powder concentrate in Berry Meal Blast contains 10-100 times more sulforaphane than broccoli itself.

Vitamins and Minerals in their Best Forms

Most meal replacement products add minimally effective and often outright dangerous junk vitamins to their formulas to make their products appear healthy. The vitamins and minerals in Berry Meal Blast are in their natural and most bioavailable forms.  Superfoods and herbs are an additional potent source of vitamins and minerals.

Enzymes Enhance Nutrient Utilization

Many meal replacement products cause indigestion, flatulence and/or bloating due to the complex combinations of foods they contain. Berry Meal Blast provides digestive enzymes to maximize absorption and minimize digestive disturbances.

Using Berry Meal Blast

Because it’s a powerful detoxifier, start with only one scoop a day and add more gradually.    

Blend one scoop with 16 oz organic almond, cashew or coconut milk and a cup of fresh berries (or a banana or avocado) for a quick and easy meal.  Or juice enough carrots and/or beets to make two cups and blend this with a scoop of Berry Meal Blast. Add ice for a more slushy consistency, and get the benefits of chlorophyll by tossing in a handful of fresh spinach. 

For a super-quick snack blend a scoop or two with a cup of purified water. Using a blender is best, and shaking it up in a jar is a pretty good alternative, but just mixing it with a spoon doesn’t do the job.

Doing Everything Right Whether you’re an individual working to improve your health or a supplement company creating new products, it’s a lot of work to do everything right.  But great results are the pay-off.  We did our best to do everything right with Berry Meal Blast and expected a good result, but this product has exceeded even our high expectations.  We hope it will exceed yours as well!




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