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Beyond Health’s Dietary Fiber Formula

Mar 8th 2020

Beyond Health’s Dietary Fiber Formula

Over the past weeks, we’ve told you why you’ve got to have adequate fiber if you want to achieve and maintain optimal health. Fiber is sorely lacking in the American diet, and even if you eat an exemplary diet it’s easy to fall short of the 40-100 grams per day recommended for a healthy colon. 

To help fill the gap, we offer Beyond Health’s Dietary Fiber Formula , one of the most advanced combinations of health-promoting fibers on the market today. These fibers help propel the stool through the intestines by softening it and adding bulk, but that’s just the beginning.

These same fibers are fermented by friendly colonic bacteria (probiotics) to create food for themselves AND food for the important cells lining the intestines. Thus, healthy probiotic populations are encouraged to thrive, and intestinal linings are strengthened and renewed.

IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO TAKE PROBIOTICS BY THEMSELVES!  You must have fiber to feed these friendly bacteria or they will not flourish in your colon!

And Dietary Fiber Formula fibers do even more! They combine with toxic wastes, including lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and nickel, as well as cholesterol and other toxins, and escort them out of the body.  As a happy side effect, cholesterol is lowered naturally.

Dietary Fiber Formula also helps to support healthy blood sugar and insulin levels; lean muscle content; healthy weight; mental clarity; nutrient uptake; and just feeling lighter, more focused and energized.

It’s free of sugars, hydrogenated oils and transfats, allergens, inferior fibers like psyllium or hydrolyzed guar, stimulants and purgatives, and easily dissolves in water or any other beverage.

The result of all this?  You just feel better at the same time you’re helping to prevent future disease!




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