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Aug 8th 2013

Cause of Death: Toothpaste

. . . children are especially vulnerable We’ve used this headline before – it seems to get a lot of attention, and we want to get your attention in order to make an important point. Of course you’re not going to fall over dead after brushing your teeth. But it’s critical to know that ordinary toothpaste makes a measurable contribution to the toxic overload that just about every American is burdened with today. If you accumulate enough toxicity, what do you get? Cellular malfunction and disease. And enough cellular malfunction will lead to death. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that toxins in the personal-care products most people use every day, like toothpaste, can shorten your lifespan. Children are especially vulnerable. For one thing, they’re smaller, so a given amount of a toxin will have a greater effect on them than it would on a larger adult. For another, they’re still growing and developing, and toxins can interfere with that growth and development. Lastly, they have a lifetime ahead of them to accumulate more and more toxins in what looks like it’s going to be an increasingly toxic world. Most disease falsely attributed to aging is in fact due to the accumulated effects of toxins, nutrient deficiencies and bad health habits. The toxin fluoride; the synthetic detergent sodium laurel sulfate that travels through mucus membranes to bioaccumulate in eye, heart and liver tissue; and many other toxic ingredients (for more see my website article on Toothpaste) make toothpaste so hazardous that the government requires most toothpastes to have a warning label on the box telling consumers to seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately if they accidentally swallow more than the amount needed for brushing. One tube of toothpaste is sufficient to kill a small child. Take advantage of the 18 months I spent searching for a safe and effective toothpaste by getting your toothpaste from Beyond Health. And take advantage of our current special on children’s toothpaste to protect your kids!




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