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Detox to Feel Great and Prevent Disease

Aug 16th 2012

Detox to Feel Great and Prevent Disease

. . . with an infrared sauna Toxins are often responsible for common complaints like lack of energy, achy joints, brain fog, nausea, headaches, poor immunity, allergies, vision problems, and PMS – complaints that can foreshadow more serious illnesses. Scientists estimate that everyone alive today carries within their bodies at least 700 chemical contaminants. Doris J. Rapp, MD, past president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and author of Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call, warned, “Everybody in this country needs to be detoxified because we’ve all become ‘toxic dumpsites.’” There are only two causes of disease:  nutrient deficiency and toxicity.  So it just makes sense to detox. The best way I’ve found is with an infrared sauna. Water-soluble toxins pass through the body relatively easily, but fat-soluble chemicals can persist and accumulate in our tissues for decades, doing more and more damage year after year. It’s difficult to get these fat-soluble toxins out. Sweating alone doesn’t do it. Even traditional saunas don’t do it very well. Sweat from a traditional sauna is about 97% water and only 3% toxins. But sweat produced by an infrared sauna is up to 20% toxins, including toxic heavy metals like mercury and aluminum, pesticide residues, PCBs, chloride, fluoride, drugs, petroleum-based toxins, cholesterol and other fat-soluble toxins. Getting toxins out of your body improves energy and well-being; meanwhile, as symptoms clear up, you are helping to avert more serious disease. If, when you think of saunas, you think of the uncomfortable and energy-draining old-fashioned saunas, your experience in an infrared sauna will be a pleasant surprise. It’s like sunbathing on a beach on a lovely, warm day – relaxing and rejuvenating. And the newer saunas Beyond Health offers have additional therapeutic elements to help you achieve your wellness goals: acoustic resonance therapy which combines sound and vibration to balance the brainwaves for deeper relaxation, to create space for hot yoga and a monitor to check your heart rate, blood pressure, and calories burned (you can burn up to 600 in a half hour) are all options. While low end saunas are made from inexpensive woods that outgas toxic chemicals and use adhesives, sealants and lacquers, adding to toxic exposures, our sauna is made from the most nontoxic, hypoallergenic wood available, basswood, and has no toxic adhesives, sealants and lacquers. Its parts are all solid wood and joined together with magnets. A home sauna is a small investment, that will reap a big return for your long-term health. For more information, call our Sunlighten at: 877.292.0020 and mention Beyond Health Subscribe: Facebook | NewsClips      




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