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Help Your Child Thrive with Beyond Health’s Kids Mega Multi

May 20th 2022

Help Your Child Thrive with Beyond Health’s Kids Mega Multi

If you're like most parents, you want to give your child everything they need to thrive - to succeed in their endeavors and to create rewarding and joyful lives. You want to provide them with nourishment - emotional, spiritual and physical - and protect them from harm.

Physical nourishment starts with a good diet. Many studies show that good nutrition helps children feel better about themselves, adjust more easily to varied social situations and excel in school. Yet, government surveys continue to find our children are deficient in important nutrients, and that such deficiencies have serious repercussions on their mental, emotional and physical well-being and development.

Conscientious parents may provide their children with a good diet containing plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and other whole foods, but getting these notoriously picky eaters to consume all the vitamins and minerals they need is another story! Which may explain why about one-third of American children are now taking supplements to fill in the gaps.

Why Have Your Child Take a Multivitamin?

No matter your age, multivitamins look like a convenient, streamlined solution for getting in all daily nutrients. While this remains the case, consider other good reasons for taking supplements, whether you're an adult or a child:

First, even healthy, unprocessed foods today are far less nutritious than they were in years past when our soils were more mineral-rich. Premature harvesting, long transit times to market and even minimal processing also take a toll on the vitamins and minerals found in the modern diet.

Second, our need for nutrients has never been higher. Stress robs our bodies of nutrients, and detoxifying the thousands of man-made chemicals in our environment requires lots of extra nutrients, especially antioxidants.

So, if you believe that supplementation is something you want to do for your child, which supplements should you choose?

Why Beyond Health's Mega Multi Vitamin Is Different

Store shelves show no shortage of children's multivitamins. Yet, formulas aren't all created equal. Most include synthetic additives that the body can't identify and therefore can't absorb. This doesn't take into account the breakdown when components are exposed to light, temperature or humidity. As a result, label claims rarely match what's delivered.

Beyond Health's Kids Mega Multi has been designed to meet the needs of young children who are rapidly growing and developing, providing a full spectrum of essential nutrients for building and maintaining excellent health and offering a good source of essential fatty acids. This formulation contains just enough, but not too much, of each essential vitamin and mineral plus a variety of some of the most beneficial herbal ingredients known. (Older children, over 60 pounds, can start taking one Beyond Health adult multi a day at around age 11 to 13; at around age 14 to 16, they can go up to the adult dose of two a day.)

Since children's small bodies are more vulnerable to toxins, and detoxification pathways may be as yet undeveloped, it's especially important that a children's multi be free from toxins. Our Kids Mega Multi is free of the toxic ingredients found in most other children's multis, such as sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, coloring and other chemical additives.

Our newest Kids Mega Multi formulation has been tweaked just a little here and there to conform to the most up-to-date nutritional research.

Vastly superior to standard children's multivitamins, our Kids Mega Multi features:

  • A balanced and complete combination of vitamins and minerals in their most biologically available, coenzyme forms, with Krebs cycle bio-nutrients that work with young bodies to provide needed energy levels.
  • Bioavailable vitamin and mineral carriers the body recognizes and assimilates immediately for rapid uptake.
  • All organic minerals, which are much better absorbed and more effectively utilized by the body than the inorganic minerals found in most supplements.
  • An array of antioxidants. Each antioxidant has a unique effect, so getting antioxidants from various sources is best. This multivitamin contains not only the usual antioxidants - vitamins A, C, D and E, but also cysteine, quercetin, curcumin, broccoli sprouts powder, grape extract, lycopene and lutein.
  • It tastes great! Your kids will love this sweet-tasting multivitamin. Yet, it contains no sugar and no artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, saccharin or Splenda.
  • Its sweetness comes from a low-glycemic combination of mannitol, FOS, xylitol (in a therapeutic amount sufficient to fight cavities!), natural fruit flavors and stevia leaf extract.
  • Contains none of the common food source allergens (wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, soy and dairy).
  • Has no unnecessary excipients, fillers, binders or additives.
  • Has no toxic artificial coloring or flavorings, or partially hydrogenated oils.
  • Has no GMOs!
  • Manufactured in the USA, supporting our economy and ensuring high-quality standards.

This chewable multi can be given to any child who is old enough to chew (if swallowed whole, it could get caught in a small throat). If your child is not yet able to chew, mash the multi into a powder and mix it with a smoothie or vegetable juice.

Refrigerate or freeze this product for maximum freshness.


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