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Millennials: Not as Healthy as They Think

Aug 18th 2019

Millennials: Not as Healthy as They Think

If you’re between the ages of 23 and 38, you’re one of the nearly 73 million people in the US classified as “millennial.”  And chances are you think, like 83% of millennials, that you’re in excellent health. Think again!

A 2019 report from Blue Cross Blue Shield indicates trouble is brewing beneath the surface. It found that millennials had far worse health than the previous Gen Xers (born between 1965 and 1980). In fact, millennials are experiencing an unprecedented decline in their health when they reach their late 20s—sharply declining at age 27. This is alarming and unprecedented!

The report showed that from 2014 to 2017 millennials, in just three years, experienced double-digit increases of eight of the top ten medical conditions. Millennials had 21% more cardiovascular problems, 18% more major depression, 37% more hyperactivity, 19% more diabetes, 15% more endocrine problems, 11% more “tobacco use disorder” and 11% more disease overall. Millennial women fared even worse than the men, with more depression, diabetes, and endocrine disorders.

Youth is a time of optimism and seeming invulnerability. Part of that comes from the fact that human brains don’t reach full maturity until we’re almost thirty, and cause and effect aren’t as real to us until that time. This has had an evolutionary advantage as it’s made young people fearless and bold, capable of both warfare and great accomplishments. But it has a downside when young adults feel they can “get away” with anything and still be OK.

Chronic nutrient insufficiencies and poor lifestyle choices can continue for many years without causing observable symptoms, but sooner or later the bill WILL come due, and symptoms and then diagnosable diseases will follow. That bill is coming due earlier and earlier as our environment and lifestyles make it harder and harder to be truly healthy. The air we breathe is polluted, the food we eat less fresh and nutrient-rich, the water we drink more contaminated, and electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices are increasingly polluting our environment and damaging our health.

Some researchers believe that the most important explanation for this alarming decline in millennial health is the life-long irradiation of the brains and bodies of the millennial generation from their cell phones. Millennials are the first generation to grow up using cell phones, and cell phone radiation is getting worse daily.

The choice is simple. Do nothing and wait like a sitting duck for disease to strike, or join the growing numbers of young and old who are becoming proactive about their health—becoming knowledgeable with books like Raymond Francis’s Never Be Sick Again , and The Great American Health Hoax , and making the choice to increase their nutrient intake with a healthy diet and high-quality nutritional supplements and to limit their exposure to toxins. At the very least, everyone should be taking a high-quality multivitamin such as Beyond Health’s Multi-Vitamin plus Vitamin C .


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