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Jan 14th 2012

Protecting Children from Cancer

. . . it begins in the womb While writing my new book, Never Fear Cancer Again, I came across some disturbing information on children and cancer. Did you know that the fastest growing incidence of cancer for any age group is among children? After accidents, cancer is now the leading cause of death for children. Biochemically, children aren't just little adults. They are more easily damaged by environmental contaminants due to their smaller size and because their metabolic and repair pathways are still immature. The rapidly developing cells of a child are much more susceptible to the effects of both deficiency and toxicity. It is no longer enough to provide good nutrition for your child. The enormous increase in chemical toxins in the world today gives parents new responsibilities -- responsibilities their own parents likely never gave a thought to -- to learn about possible carcinogens and endocrine disrupting chemicals in water, air, and food and other toxins like radiation so that they can protect their children from them. This responsibility is best begun before conception. Both parents should be on a good diet and high-quality supplements and avoid toxins while making special efforts to detoxify as part of their preparation for parenthood. Today, children are being poisoned in the womb, born "pre-polluted" by their parents', especially their mother's, environmental exposures. Tests of umbilical cord blood have found nearly 300 toxic chemicals. According to the EPA, more than 600,000 children are born every year with levels of methylmercury that puts them at risk for brain damage, learning disabilities and cancer. This mercury comes mostly from mercury dental fillings and fish consumption by the mother. The best way to rid yourself of these stored toxins is with regular saunas. At Beyond Health, we have always been especially concerned about children. Our office staff at 1-800-250-3063 is ready to help parents and prospective parents with questions you may have.      




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