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Raising Healthy Children

Apr 9th 2017

Raising Healthy Children

Children’s energy and zest for living make us adults feel alive and joyful. They seem to epitomize good health.

But appearances can be deceiving. Like most Americans today, our children are suffering from poor nutrition and toxicity, the two causes of disease. And while children may appear invulnerable, nutrient deficiencies and toxic exposures are taking a silent and sometimes not-so-silent toll. The truth is that even though the knowledge exists to raise strong, healthy children, it is difficult to find a truly healthy child.

Child poverty is a significant problem in the US, but even the children of affluent and highly-educated parents have multiple nutrient deficiencies based on government standards, which are already too low.

Meanwhile, chemical use in America has gone up 2,000% over the past half century. More than 85,000 synthetic chemicals (only a tiny fraction of which have been tested for safety in humans) are now found in our air, water, soil, food, household furnishings, home building materials, electronics and everyday products like cosmetics and household cleaners.

Even among children who appear to sail through their early years unscathed, health problems originating in childhood emerge later in life. For other children, colds, allergies, bad moods, learning disabilities, neurological disorders, easy injury and poor healing already signal poor health. Almost one-third of US children are too fat, indicating metabolic imbalance and cellular malfunction.

Tragically, more and more children are developing serious chronic illnesses. Asthma, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are an epidemic. Type 2 diabetes rose 30% and type 1 diabetes 21% in children between 2000 and 2009. Pediatric cancers are up 27% in kids since 1975. After accidents, cancer is now the leading cause of child death.

Cardiovascular risk factors have been found in 3-year-olds, and, according to the American Heart Association, 91% of children surveyed were at risk for developing heart disease due to a poor diet filled with sugary, processed foods and low in fruits and vegetables.

The good news is that you CAN raise a healthy child who can look forward to a lifetime of good health.

How? As we say repeatedly at Beyond Health, by providing good nutrition and eliminating toxins.

This may sound simple, but it means making a radical break with the norm: with a food industry bent on exploiting our weaknesses with tempting, easily accessible but unhealthy treats and time-saving processed foods; a chemical industry that spews out more than a thousand new synthetic chemicals yearly while trying to invalidate concerns we may have about their toxicity; and a medical industry that fails to address root causes of illness and instead manipulates body chemistry, ultimately creating, even more disease and premature death.

After curing himself of a life-threatening illness, Raymond Francis dedicated his life to teaching others how to reverse illness and keep themselves and their families well, and to supplying carefully-researched products to ensure their success.

We invite you to make a break with the disinformation that burdens children and adults with needless disease and less-than-optimal health. Educate yourself with Raymond’s books and the free articles on our website and blog, and on Then use our state-of-the-art products to achieve optimal health for yourself and your family.





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