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The Healthy Home: Pure Air and Water

Apr 23rd 2017

The Healthy Home: Pure Air and Water

What could be more basic to health than breathing pure air and drinking pure water? Yet neither is found in the average home today! This is why we highly recommend both a high-quality air purifier (especially in your bedroom) and a system for treating drinking water for your home.

The average American breathes in about two heaping tablespoons of airborne particles daily. And if you think driving in polluted traffic is bad, consider that most indoor air is two to five times, sometimes a hundred times, more polluted than outdoors. Building materials, carpets, furnishings, household appliances, water heaters and furnaces, fumes from household products and more contribute to indoor air pollution, increasing the risk of allergies, asthma, cancer, heart beat irregularities, immune suppression and even genetic mutations that are passed down to future generations.

Our Austin Air Filters do a spectacular job in providing fresh, clean, healthy air. Most people order our Austin Air Healthmate 400, which purifies areas up to 1500 square feet. For a smaller space (up to 700 square feet), get the Austin Air Healthmate Jr. 200. If you have chemical sensitivities, the Austin Air Healthmate Plus is recommended, and for those with allergies or asthma, the Austin Air Allergy Machine.

Public tap water is no longer fit for human consumption. Toxic heavy metals, prescription drugs, pesticides, fertilizers, radioactive materials, microorganisms and thousands of other toxins from landfill and agricultural runoff, industrial waste, nuclear disasters and other sources pollute our waterways. Water departments treat only a portion of these problems while adding toxic chlorine and fluoride, and cheap water filters don’t offer the protection consumers assume.

If a cheaper water filter actually did the job, we would be the first to recommend it! But after 2½ years of research, Raymond Francis determined that both the carbon filtration and reverse osmosis found in the Home Water Treatment System he chose for us to carry are necessary to do a comprehensive job of eliminating toxins while providing the tastiest water he’d found. (See his article for other considerations that went into his choice.)

Customer Alex B. was so pleased with his Beyond Health RO System that he recently installed one in each of his rental properties. A win-win situation for both Alex and his tenants; his tenants got a healthier home and they were willing to pay Alex an increased rent!

Investing in one of our air purifiers and in our water treatment system is TRUE preventive medicine and will repay health dividends for years to come.


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