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Beyond Health RO Water Filtration System

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This reverse osmosis water filtration system provides exceptional water purity! Removes up to 98%
of chemicals, heavy metals, solids and other contaminants.

Any water containing chlorine and/or fluoride is unfit to drink, and that includes most of the water in the country. A reverse osmosis system is the most practical and economical solution for clean water, and Beyond Health's RO system has been carefully researched for safety, effectiveness, quality, durability, and purity of the water.
  • Superior reverse osmosis technology and construction
  • Removes up to 98% of chemicals, heavy metals, solids and other contaminants -
  • Components certified by NSF International, a world leader in product safety standards
  • Superior membrane wastes less water than other RO systems and needs replacement every 4-5 years (vs. 1-2 for other RO systems)
  • Fast Flow fills your glass twice as fast as other RO systems
  • Carbon filters to be replaced only once a year (vs. 6 mos. for other RO systems) and are built right into the filter housing for quick and easy replacement.
  • 5-year limited warranty
The unit consists of two separate units connected by 3.5 feet of tubing for numerous mounting options. Dimensions are:

Purification unit - 16” high x 8” wide x 5” deep
Reserve tank - 15” high x 11” diameter

If you are using the system with a private well, and your private well contains iron, you must purchase an additional apparatus for removing the iron as iron will destroy the RO membrane. Please call our office at 1-800-250-3063 for details.

For more information on the importance of clean water and the benefits of filtration, please review this article from our archives.
Great Product Review by Josh
This system was super easy to install. It is also very quiet when refilling the tank. The water tastes good and I have the piece of mind knowing I am eliminating many unwanted chemicals and contaminants. (Posted on 1/2/2013)
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