Shipping Information/Sale Disclaimer's/Sale Promotion Orders

Shipping Information:
  • Beyond Health’s shipping warehouse is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
  • Orders are shipped via FedEx.
  • No order will ship out the same day. If you need an order to ship out Standard Overnight and/or 2nd Day the same day you place your order, YOU MUST CALL our Customer Service @800-250-3063.
  • No Overnight and/or 2nd Day shipping for the same day will be shipped after 1 pm (EST).
  • Standard Overnight and/or 2nd Day Orders placed on any Friday will ship out on the next business day which will be a Monday unless a Holiday falls on that Monday. **
  • If you need an Overnight Saturday Delivery for an order placed on any Friday, you will need to call our Office during regular business hours before 1 pm (EST) to see if a Saturday Delivery would be possible. **
  • All orders placed on a Saturday or Sunday Standard Overnight and/or 2nd Day will not ship out until 48 to 72 hours (that is 2 to 3 business days).**
  • All orders for delivery in the continental US are packaged and shipped within 48 to 72 hours, (that is 2 to 3 business days) after they are received, this includes Overnight and/or 2nd Day shipping.**
  • Once the order is picked up by FedEx from our warehouse, the responsibility of delivery falls under the FedEx Shipping Guidelines. If there is a dispute of any kind such as but not limited to order not received and/or damaged package, the customer must file all claims through FedEx claims department and not hold Beyond Health responsible for any dispute in reference to delivery of order out of our control.
**Shipping parameters differ for the following products: Air Filters and Parts, Air Systems, Water Filters and Parts, RO Water Filtration Systems, Rebounders, Saunas.
**Shipping parameters differ for the following locations: Alaska, Hawaii, APO addresses and International Orders.
**Shipping parameters differ during all Holidays and Weekends. No Weekend Shipping. Holiday shipping can take 5 to 7 business days to ship, this includes Overnight and/or 2nd Day shipping. 
- Orders shipped via FedEx are delivered within 1-7 business days.
- Please Note: FedEx reserves the right to change any shipment from Ground to Home Delivery if it is under 70lbs. This decision is beyond our control.
The default shipping method on the website is Standard Ground.
All shipping rates and policies are subject to change without notice.
Alaska, Hawaii, and APO
Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and APOs are shipped via USPS. Shipping rates vary and delivery time may take up to 2 weeks.
To place an order for Alaska, Hawaii or in APO, please call 800-250-3063.
Health Canada requires any Beyond Health Supplements sold in Canada be licensed in Canada. After careful review of these regulations, Beyond Health has made the difficult decision to cease distribution of our products into Canada.
Beyond Health is committed to upholding our promise of supplying only premium quality products with the purest formulations containing the highest bioavailability. In order to meet Health Canada regulations, our formulations would require drastic alterations resulting in supplements that vary so greatly from our current line of premium products, they would not be true to the Beyond Health name and commitment to quality. We apologize to our valued Canadian customers for being left without a source of high-quality supplements.

International Shipping Information:

For Australia, Great Britain (England), Ireland, New Zealand, and the Caribbean Islands
We currently ship vitamins and supplements to the above Countries but rates vary and we ship via United States Postal Service for international orders. If you chose to ship via FedEx International rates start at $120.00. Must call to get shipping rate and order must be placed the day the rate is given, rates can change daily.** When shipping your order outside the US and US territories, you may be subject to import taxes which are levied when your package reaches your country. Additional charges that may apply for customs clearance must be paid by the customer. We have no control over these tariffs and therefore cannot predict what they may be. Please contact your local customs office for further inquiries. It is EXTREMELY important that you provide us with your COMPLETE physical address, which includes a VALID postal code. Once your package leaves the United States, we are not responsible for lost packages, and you will not receive a refund.

For All Other Countries (Same rules apply that is listed above)
All Countries are subject to different shipping restrictions, laws and licensing requirements for vitamin and supplement distribution. Shipments to these countries are managed on a case-by-case basis. Please understand that in some cases Beyond Health will not be able to ship to your location due to regulations.
Alternatively, you may seek the assistance of a shipping company/freight forwarder that can handle the documentation and compliance for an overseas shipment. This extends beyond our legal responsibility for an overseas shipment and all liability resides with the purchaser. Beyond Health will not be held legally responsible for any shipment that is sent from a shipping company/freight forwarder and is not accepted by customs and the products cannot be returned if not accepted by customs from the Country that the shipping company/freight forwarder is shipping to. All orders placed to be shipped to a shipping company/freight forwarder is placed at the customer's discretion. and are two entities, which may be able to assist. Please contact them directly for further information.
**Please note: Beyond Health does not supply any special licensing for the sale of products outside of the United States. Shipping and receiving of Beyond Health products outside of the United States are at the customer’s discretion.
If you have any questions on shipping please do not hesitate to call us 800-250-3063 or email us at
For international calls please dial 001 1 954-492-1324.