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Jan 23rd 2024

A List of Food Companies that Hide GMOs

. . .  Contributions to Prop 37 campaign separate wolves from lambs Proposition 37, the initiative to label GMOs in processed food which will appear on the ballot in California on November 6th, has revealed which food companies are for and against labeling. . . . a pretty sound tip-off on who is using GM ingredients in their products! Many of the companies making large financial contributions to the Monsanto-led campaign against labeling are the usual suspects, but some may come as a surprise. Like Odwalla, Kashi, Naked (juice company), Silk, R.W. Knudsen, Horizon Organic, Cascadian Farms and Santa Cruz Organic. Well, not too surprising if you know that Odwalla is now owned by Coca Cola; Kashi by Kellogg; Naked by Pepsi; Horizon Organic and Silk by Dean, Cascadian Farms by General Mills, and R.W. Knudsen and Santa Cruz Organic by Smucker’s. Many “natural” brands have been snapped up by huge food conglomerates; what that has meant to the integrity of the brand is anyone’s guess, but it doesn’t bode well. Because money donated to support or defeat a proposition in California must be reported to the Secretary of State, contributions are public record.  This record of contributions, should you care to see it, appears in an article written for Brands supporting GMO labeling include Amy’s, Baby’s Only Organic, Dr. Bronner’s, Eden, Lundberg, Nature’s Path Organic, Nutiva, Organic Valley, Straus Organic and Uncle Matt’s.  Not surprisingly corporate agribusiness contributions amounting to $23.5 million dwarf the $3.5 million donated by these small, independent companies. But since polls have shown that 90% of the population supports GE labeling, this may be a case where David beats Goliath. As Newsclips has said before, this is an important battle. If food manufacturers are forced to label their products, which one Monsanto affiliate has said is tantamount to stamping your product with a skull and crossbones, they may actually consider removing GM ingredients. To help, even if just by signing a petition, and for more information, go to Subscribe: Facebook | NewsClips  
Woodruff C. A list of food companies that hide GMOs. Reader Supported News, August 22, 2012.




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