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Benefits of Chewable Vitamin Tablets

Jan 23rd 2024

Benefits of Chewable Vitamin Tablets

For growing children, vitamins and supplements become an important part of their growing bodies and development. With proper vitamin intake, children can support bone strength, muscle strength, and overall brain development. Unfortunately, the vitamins and extras in fruits and vegetables have often become the foods that children avoid.

Luckily, you can still supply children with their proper vitamin and supplement intake through a daily vitamin. Children's vitamins come in all shapes and sizes, but you will find some clear advantages of a children's vitamin when you purchase the vitamin in a chewable tablet form.

Check out some of the benefits associated with chewable vitamin tablets and ways you can make a supplement a daily part of their routine.

1. Fewer Dental Issues

Besides chewable tablets, one of the other ways to for children to inject vitamins is through gummies. While the idea of gummies may appeal to children, the gummies often rely on some sort of sugar or glucose to produce the vitamin. When children chew the gummies, they increase the sugar exposure to the teeth.

The gummies can also stick to teeth and create the potential for dental issues like cavities or a gum infection. When you use chewable tablets, the tablets will quickly break down. Vitamin manufacturers do not need added sugars to create the vitamins and can still provide a wide range of fruity flavors to make the vitamins more appealing.

Even if pieces of the tablets get stuck in a child's teeth, the powdered design will quickly dissolve, especially with a drink of water.

2. Mix-In Options

If your child does not like the idea of chewing their vitamin, then you have a lot of mix-in options to choose from. A chewable vitamin tablet can easily break down into a powder form. You could make a child a smoothie and add a crushed vitamin into the mix. You can use the smoothie to add some more natural vitamin intake. Add ingredients like spinach or fresh fruit.

Along with a smoothie, consider other mix-in options for the crushed vitamins. At breakfast, you could add the vitamin powder to foods like yogurt, oatmeal, or cream of wheat.

3. No Candy Mistakes

If you ever purchase a vitamin supplement like gummies, children could easily mistake the product for candy like gummy bears. A chewable vitamin tablet has a distinct look, texture, and taste that sets it apart from other products. You do not want a child to get mixed up with the vitamins and eat them like candy.

With chewable tablets, you can teach the child the difference. You can use the chewable tablets to teach safety with health products and keep the vitamin bottle out of reach from the child when the vitamins are not in use.

4. Zero Allergen Worries

When you purchase children's chewable vitamin tablets, the tablets include minimal ingredients and eliminate a majority of allergens parents worry about for their children. For example, the vitamins will typically include no dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, eggs, or artificial colors and food dyes.

The elimination of these elements can ensure your child has their proper vitamin intake without any side effects or adverse reactions. If your child does ever show any signs of food allergies, you know the allergies don't come from the vitamins and must be from another source. With the vitamin, you know the child is just eating the nutrients they need.

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