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Jan 23rd 2024

Tetanus Shots and Infections

Question: A few months ago I had a tetanus shot and have had one infection after another since then. I was wondering if there might be a connection. P. V. - Santa Cruz, CA Answer:  It is not possible to say with certainty whether there is a connection between the tetanus vaccination and your infections, but there is certainly a high probability. I have been preaching for years about the dangers of vaccinations. I would not consent to any vaccination. I always refuse them because they are ineffective and dangerous. So, naturally, we give lots of vaccinations to children who are too young to know any better. Regarding your situation, it may be interesting to note that back in 1984, there was an entry in the New England Journal of Medicine that reported significant drops in T-helper cells following tetanus vaccinations in healthy people. After receiving tetanus booster shots, all of these healthy subjects experienced reductions in T-helper cells. In 36 percent of them, the T cells dropped to levels seen in active AIDS patients! There is no question this will make you susceptible to infection. This may be what may have happened to you. Your T cells were significantly reduced, whereupon you got an infection and that infection further lowered your immunity making you susceptible to the next infection and so forth. You need to rebuild your immunity. Get off the Big Four (sugar, wheat, processed oils and animal protein including all milk products). Get on the Beyond Health Ultimate Wellness Kit and get up to bowel tolerance on vitamin C. You can also supplement with olive leaf extract and Oreganol. When we stop and consider what happens to healthy adults when they get a vaccination, one can only wonder about how much damage is done to unhealthy seniors with flu shots as well as the potential damage to infants and children whose immune systems are not yet fully formed. There is mounting evidence that children’s immune systems are crippled by vaccinations and that autoimmune diseases are promoted. For example, a 1985 study reported in Science found that measles vaccines contain proteins similar to those in myelin sheaths. This could induce the body to produce antibodies against its own tissue, resulting in diseases such as multiple sclerosis. The ominous trend in the deteriorating health of American children certainly coincides with the huge increase in vaccinations over the last half century. In Never Be Sick Again, I quoted Dr. Vera Scheibner, a world authority on immunizations, as saying that vaccinations have “caused more suffering and more deaths than any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention.” Dr. Scheibner also said, “There is no evidence whatsoever that vaccines of any kind...are effective in preventing the infectious diseases they are supposed to prevent.” Perhaps we should be paying attention.




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