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The Right Kind of Quercetin

Nov 23rd 2020

The Right Kind of Quercetin

At Beyond Health, we pride ourselves on presenting nutrients in their purest and most bioavailable forms. It’s costlier to do things this way, but the result is that our supplements are often many times more effective not to mention safer than their cheaper counterparts. Not only will our nutrients get absorbed and go where they’re needed in your body; they won’t be carrying a lot of toxic “baggage” with them that the body will have to spend energy to unload.

The other day a customer asked why our quercetin didn’t contain bromelain. She had read in literature from another product that bromelain activates quercetin for better absorption.

The product she brought to our attention is a perfect example of how marketers of low-quality products use hype to make the customer think they’re getting something special.

The particular product had low bioactivity and potentially harmful contaminants. Its manufacturer was trying to take a sow’s ear and turn it into a silk purse by claiming that the addition of bromelain made the product better than their competition. Exactly the opposite is true. High-quality quercetin doesn’t require bromelain for absorption, however, it is required for low-quality products.

Our quercetin is the best you can buy, and here’s why.

Commercially, quercetin is usually extracted from the bark of eucalyptus trees. When extracted, quercetin is chemically bound to lignin from the tree. The bioactivity of this compound in humans is zero because we can’t separate the two molecules. In order to make it biologically active, it is necessary to separate the quercetin from the lignin. This product adds the enzyme bromelain to the quercetin/lignin compound in the pill hoping the bromelain will separate the two molecules in the stomach. At best this will be a less than complete reaction, substantially limiting the amount of quercetin that is available to you.

To confuse you, they hype it by saying they use bromelain to give it “high bioavailability.” Then they infer that products without bromelain are inferior. The truth is, without bromelain, their product will have zero bioavailability. Perhaps worse, many people are allergic to eucalyptus or sensitive to bromelain. It is not a good idea to put these in a product intended for general use.

Let’s contrast this to Beyond Health’s quercetin.  We don’t need to use bromelain because we put 100% pure quercetin into our pills. We start with a non-allergenic raw material. We then take this raw material and react to it to get the quercetin. The quercetin is separated out, purified to the highest state of purity, and put in the pill. This is more expensive, but it’s the right way to do it. It creates a product that is 100% bioactive, extremely pure, and has no allergy problems. Making a higher quality product costs more, requires more knowledge, and takes more care, but you get a better value and better results without any potential for harm.




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