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Why You Probably Need More Antioxidants

Jan 23rd 2024

Why You Probably Need More Antioxidants

I believe that inflammation is at the basis of virtually every disease process.” – Nicholas Perricone, MD

Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with one of Mother Nature’s most precious gifts: oxygen!

There is no life without oxygen. But oxygen can also be dangerous. Every chemical process that involves oxygen—and there are many in the human body, including extracting energy from food and attacking and killing pathogenic viruses and bacteria, and many outside the human body, including fire and rust—creates oxidative byproducts. Like the embers of a fire, these byproducts need to be quenched by antioxidants.

It’s a matter of balance.

In terms of Chinese medicine, oxygen is Yang—the active, heating, energizing force, while antioxidants are Yin—the restful, cooling, restorative force.

We need both, but in the modern world we are getting too much Yang, not enough Yin.

The body is not repairing itself from oxidative damage as it should, and this produces inflammation. And as Dr. Nicholas Perricone and many others have observed, inflammation is at the core of just about every disease known to mankind, from arthritis to cancer to diabetes to osteoporosis to heart disease to allergies.

The need is up; the supply is down

Many factors in the modern environment are antioxidant depleters: chronic illness, poor diet, emotional stress, cigarette smoking and vaping, alcohol, environmental toxins, prescription drugs, pollution (chlorine in water, aluminum in sunscreens, fluoride in toothpastes, mercury in fillings, etc.), to name a few.

At the same time, the deficient modern diet, low in fresh fruits and vegetables, supplies fewer antioxidants than our ancestors got.

As a result, almost everyone alive today is suffering from chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can exist without any symptoms at all, or, long before it leads to a diagnosable disease, it can cause vague symptoms, like fatigue, weak immunity, or a sense of general malaise.

Where do we get antioxidants?

Fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants – one of the main reasons a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables is so often correlated with reduced disease risk and good health. We recommend getting 2-3 fruits a day and 9-10 vegetable servings. Herbs like curcumin, oregano and garlic and green tea are especially rich in antioxidants. Raw seeds and nuts provide the antioxidant vitamin E.

But antioxidants are so crucial to our survival that the body also makes antioxidants: Super-oxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, and glutathione transferase (which makes the all-important antioxidant glutathione) and other antioxidants are all produced endogenously (within the body).

What about antioxidant supplements?

Antioxidant supplements have become absolutely necessary today if you want to address this out-of-balance situation, and supplementation becomes increasingly important with age.

Vitamin C is the most important and versatile of the antioxidants. There are many different types of oxidizing molecules, called free radicals, and vitamin C can quench all of them. But vitamin C does best working with an antioxidant team, so antioxidant vitamins A, D, E and K, and minerals such as copper, manganese, magnesium, selenium and zinc are also needed.

But the need for antioxidants is so great today that most people need more than a good diet and a basic supplement program can provide.

For optimal protection, we recommend taking Vitamin C to bowel tolerance and taking 6 capsules daily (2 with each meal) of the most potent antioxidant product on the market today, our Cell Defender.

What makes Cell Defender special?

Highest ORAC value. The antioxidant power of supplements is evaluated in terms of ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) units. The body requires between 3,000 and 5,000 ORAC units per day to counteract the effects of normal metabolism and aging, much more to combat chronic inflammation, and much, much more to protect against the oxidizing damage caused by chronic illness.

On the newest ORAC6 test, 6 capsules of Cell Defender supplied more than 968,000 ORAC units! This is about 20X higher than the average antioxidant supplement, and the highest potency we know of.

In Cell Defender, high quality, non-GMO vitamin C is combined with the most powerful antioxidant plant extracts known. AND these plant extracts act synergistically. In this balanced formula, antioxidants become many, many times more effective than they would be acting alone.

But Cell Defender goes one step further, and it’s a big step.

Nrf2 Activation. In the past ten years, a whole new approach to supplying antioxidants has been explored: encouraging the body to produce more of its own endogenous antioxidants.

It’s been found that many natural substances, including the plant ingredients in Cell Defender (and also vitamin C) instigate this production by causing the release of a chemical found in every cell called Nrf2. Once released, Nrf2 migrates into the nucleus of your cells and works at a genetic level to produce antioxidant enzymes—SOD, catalase, glutathione transferase and others. In fact many of our best plant antioxidants, including those in Cell Defender, are ALSO Nrf2 activators.

So with Cell Defender you get maximum protection from antioxidants coming in from outside PLUS maximum protection from antioxidants generated within the body!

Other Special Features. Calcium malate and magnesium malate have been added to stimulate the production of the body’s fuel ATP to help energize this formula’s effects. Magnesium is also used in many enzymes which are stimulated by Cell Defender.

Finally, Bioperine®, a black pepper extract, has been added to improve absorption of the other ingredients. Bioperine® has been shown to increase absorption by 30-60%, and when it comes to curcumin (an ingredient that is notorious for being difficult to absorb), Bioperine® enhances absorption by a factor of 20!

What will Cell Defender do for me?

Because Cell Defender addresses such a key biochemical process, it has the potential to:

  • Fight aging
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieve pain and reduce joint stiffness
  • Support heart health and healthy blood pressure
  • Boost immunity
  • Protective against the effects of radiation
  • Cell Defender ACTS FAST! Effects may be noticeable within hours.

In an informal study, eight people took this formula for two months and reported the following results.

  • Most had a clearer mind, including better concentration, alertness and greater focus.
  • Most experienced greater energy, endurance and required less sleep
  • Many experienced greater resistance to colds
  • Many reported reduced back and joint pain as well as less inflammation.
  • Several reported decreased allergies and improved breathing
  • One person experienced improved fine motor control and better balance.

Most people who are struggling with ill-health or just not feeling as well as they’d like, have no idea how much inflammation is perpetuating their problems, or that very large doses of antioxidants are needed to reverse chronic inflammation and disease. As a result, they take small quantities of a few antioxidants and don’t make the headway they desire. Cell Defender can have a serious positive impact on your health!




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