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Never Be Fat Again - Autographed by Raymond Francis

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For anyone who battles the bulge, whether it is the dreaded five pounds or significant weight loss, "Never Be Fat Again" offers a refreshing and effective new lifestyle approach to weight control that is truly revolutionary. Most weight-loss books are not worth the paper they’re printed on because they are scientifically and nutritionally unsound. As a result, permanent weight control remains an impossible dream for most people. "Never Be Fat Again" is a different approach. It offers a scientifically and nutritionally sound program for fighting fat at its source—within the cells—that almost guarantees permanent weight loss. 

Look around you—diets don’t work! The secret is in understanding that overweight is a disease. Weight-loss diets don't work because you cannot cure this disease by trying to lose weight—the weight is merely a symptom, and this symptom will come back unless you eliminate the underlying disease. "Never Be Fat Again" gives you the keys to permanently break the fat cycle in just six weeks. The trick is in turning on your cells to take off the pounds and Raymond Francis, the well-known author of "Never Be Sick Again," a national sensation that helped thousands to achieve better health, takes you on a step-by-step journey toward weight loss and health gain.

In this breakthrough book, readers will see why low-fat, no-fat products can actually make you fatter. They'll discover how a missing nutrient can signal their bodies to store fat. Plus, they will learn the truth about how common chemical toxins, found in processed foods, alter the expression of weight-control genes and pack on pounds. The body already knows how to balance its weight. It just needs a fighting chance. With its simple concept of one disease, two causes and six pathways, "Never Be Fat Again" shows how to give it that chance.


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"I had pre-ordered Raymond's NBFA Book, because of his first book and his research makes all the sense to me, so was really looking forward to reading NBFA to see if this would work. I want to let you know, I have been about 15 pounds overweight (not a lot by today's standards, but unacceptable to mine) and just could not budge more than a pound or two off - UNTIL I put Raymond's program into place. " VC (click here to read the whole review)

"Then one Sunday hearing Raymond Francis on the radio I ordered "Never be Sick Again" and after reading it I made a commitment to get off my meds. To help, I ordered "Never be Fat Again". The first day I started reading it, I blasted through the 162 barrier and after a week of reading and making changes, I was down 4 pounds!

Breakfast is now whole grain cereal and 2 servings of fruit. Lunch is 5 servings of raw
vegetables, ( had to get a bigger salad bowl) 80% organic, 1/4 Melon and 1/2 avocado, followed by some cooked beans for protein. Snack includes and apple or pear. Dinner is a multi-veggie salad, some cooked vegetables and some animal protein. I noticed I am no longer tired after meals. I got a rebounder and added 15 minutes of rebounding to give me two exercise sessions a day. I have shifted to alkaline producing foods and am normally well over 7 in the morning. I added Barlean's flax oil and Kyolic Garlic to my already strong nutrition regimen. After the first week my BP was down so I cut out 50% (one pill) of the Ace Inhibitor. The next Saturday I forgot to take the CC blocker and it didn’t seem to matter." RS (click here to read the whole review)

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