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Extra virgin olive oil front of bottle - Beyond Health
Extra virgin olive oil back of bottle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml.

BH Olive

Studies show that olive oil protects against many inflammatory responses. That's why Beyond Health now brings you its own extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil.

Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil can be used as a cooking oil for baking, roasting, and sautéing. Its versatility also makes it an ideal ingredient for marinades, sauces, and salad dressings.


Beyond Health’s extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil is more than just a cooking oil. Apart from its beneficial fatty acids, it contains modest amounts of vitamins E and K. This premium olive oil is also loaded with powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants are biologically active and may reduce your risk of chronic diseases. They also fight inflammation and help protect your blood cholesterol from oxidation — two benefits that may lower your risk of heart disease.

Our olive oil is produced for us by a small family farm in the Central Valley of California. The olives are grown without pesticides and are hand-picked, carefully washed and dried, and milled with a stone wheel within 24 hours of harvesting. The paste is then pressed in a hydraulic press, and the oil is collected in stainless steel vats, decanted, and bottled. This first cold-pressed oil retains all its nutrients, natural flavor, and goodness!

Each bottle holds 16.9 fl oz of Olive Oil.

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