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Picture of Sun Guard Stick - Beyond Health
Picture of Sun Guard Stick
Picture of Sun Guard Stick
Picture of Sun Guard Stick

Sun Guard Stick

Our Sun Guard Stick is natural.  It’s mild with no additional scent added. Made from a blend of rich, organic, unrefined oils and butters, and beeswax,  it has a gentle, mild scent.


Ingredients:  Beeswax**, non-nano Zinc Oxide, Virgin Coconut Oil**, Shea Butter**, Cocoa Butter**, Cocoa Powder**, Sunflower Oil**, Extra Virgin Olive Oil**, Vitamin EO
69% Organic.   ** = Certified Organic.
For:  Sensitive skin.  All skin types.
How to use:  To open, cut the label where the base and lid meet.  Push up from bottom to raise the stick.  They can be stubborn to begin, so just push slow and steady.  Apply to exposed skin where needed or desired.
Care:  Try to keep your stick in a temperature stable environment, keep it dry, and do not push up too high above the lip of tube (it does not easily push back down).  Always keep the lid closed between uses.  Do not leave in a hot summer car.
Shipping:  Our Sun Guard Stick has a natural melting point of approximately 120 degrees.  This can make shipping during hot summer months more challenging, and may compromise the quality of your stick.  We recommend you order and stock up during the cooler seasons.  

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