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Jan 23rd 2024

Avian Flu Threat

REPRINTED FROM BEYOND HEALTH® News by Raymond Francis Governments around the world are concerned by the catastrophic threat posed by the avian flu virus. Avian flu transmits from birds to humans, but not yet from humans-to-humans. However, virologists expect the virus to eventually mutate and pass among humans. Predicted is a catastrophe that could kill a billion people and turn some cities into ghost towns, causing worldwide disruptions of travel, trade, and food supplies. Unfortunately, our government’s response to this challenge is to spend seven billion dollars stockpiling worthless antibiotics and flu vaccine. The city of London is already acquiring extra morgue space to house the victims of this expected epidemic. Dr. Irwin Redlener, director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University’s School of Public Health said, “I think we would see outcomes that would be virtually impossible to imagine.” Avian flu is killing about half the people it infects. The death rate is high because this virus has never before affected humans; we have no antibodies, no natural immunity to protect us. To date, 60 humans have died from this flu after being infected by birds. Each infection represents one step closer to the mutation that would allow human transmission. That is what happened in 1918 when the global epidemic called the Spanish flu killed an estimated 50 to 100 million people. Spanish flu was cited as the most devastating single epidemic in recorded world history. Dr. Malik Peiris, the scientist who discovered the SARS virus, had this to say about avian flu, “Unlike the normal human flu, where the virus is predominantly in the upper respiratory tract so you get a runny nose, sore throat, the H5N1 virus seems to go directly deep into the lungs so it goes down into the lung tissue and causes severe pneumonia.” Laurie Garrett, a senior fellow on global health policy at the Council on Foreign Relations said, “That makes it the most lethal flu we know of that has ever been on planet Earth affecting human beings.” Given the gravity of this situation, what should each of us be doing? The answer is we should be doing what we should be doing in the first place—keeping our immunity strong. While the Spanish flu wiped out millions, not everyone died. Those with the best nutrition and strongest immune systems either didn’t get the flu or survived it. Even among avian flu victims, half die, not everyone. There is no reason for anyone to die from this or any other flu. Optimize your immunity by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and eliminating the Big Four from your life—sugar, wheat, processed oils, and excess animal protein. Just two teaspoons of the deadly-poison sugar depresses your immunity for most of a day; sugar is the cause of many cold and flu infections. Stress also damages immunity. Learn to control it, your life may be at stake. Lack of adequate sleep depresses immunity, and most Americans don’t get enough sleep. Supplements are important contributors to keeping your immunity strong. Lots of vitamin C is crucial. In times of threat, everyone should be at bowel tolerance on vitamin C. Other key virus-fighting nutrients include selenium, vitamins B6, B12, and E, and calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Keep in mind that in the event of an epidemic with millions of people dying, entire communities quarantined, and enormous disruption of normal commercial activities, you will not be able to count on getting the supplements you need. When and if avian flu mutates and looks threatening, it would be advisable to stockpile supplements and rotate your stock, keeping them fresh. Keeping them frozen will greatly extend shelf life. Stockpiling natural antibiotics, such as olive leaf extract and oregano is also a good strategy. For anyone with the flu, a large amount of oral vitamin C is crucial. Stay at bowel tolerance—that is as much vitamin C as the body will tolerate until you get diarrhea. Take C as frequently as every 30 minutes during the day, and take additional C should you awake during the night. For serious cases, get intravenous vitamin C in large doses. According to renowned expert Dr. Robert Cathcart, “I have not seen any flu yet that was not cured or markedly ameliorated by massive doses of vitamin C.” Start now to identify a doctor in your area who administers intravenous vitamin C. Check them out before you need them. The damage and deaths caused by viruses are the result of free radicals. Vitamin C neutralizes the free radicals, thus shutting off the damage. People who die of the flu and other infections often die from “acute induced scurvy.” The infection uses up all their vitamin C, and they die from free radical tissue damage and internal bleeding due to the scurvy. Adequate amounts of intravenous vitamin C will cure just about any infection. Meanwhile, don’t panic, this is a manageable problem. Stay off of the Big Four, take good supplements, get adequate sleep and regular exercise, and keep your immunity strong. This will not only protect you from the flu, but every other disease as well. Raymond Francis is an M.I.T.-trained scientist, a registered nutrition consultant, author of Never Be Sick Again, Never Be Fat Again, Never Fear Cancer Again, and an internationally recognized leader in the emerging field of optimal health maintenance. Reprinted with permission from: Beyond Health® News email: Copyright 2005, Beyond Health




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