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DNA, RNA and Aging

Jan 23rd 2024

DNA, RNA and Aging

Want to age slower and live longer?

Back in 1976, Dr. Benjamin S. Frank, a medical doctor and PhD molecular biologist, published a best-selling book, Dr. Frank’s No-Aging Diet.  This book proposed a revolutionary way of looking at aging.

Dr. Frank was a miracle worker.  It was reported that he could take anyone over the age of fifty and, in 3-4 weeks, have them looking 10-15 years younger, with much more energy, endurance, and aerobic capacity.  Over twenty years of meticulous research and record-keeping, Dr. Frank documented achieving many health building and rejuvenating effects in his patients, including significant increases in energy and oxygenation, enhanced immunity and cognitive performance, improved capacity to tolerate low and high temperatures, smoother skin and thicker hair.

Although his intent was to build general health rather than to treat specific diseases, his approach improved acne, ALS, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, emphysema, glaucoma and poor vision, heart disease, high cholesterol, diverticulitis, lupus, Parkinson’s disease, psoriasis, and many other health problems.

One of Raymond Francis’ colleagues tried out Dr. Frank’s theories more recently along with his 41-year-old son. Both experienced considerably more vitality. The father noted that his brain started working better and his skin quality improved.  Also, the gray hair on his chest began turning black.  The son’s skin became smoother, and his hair thicker and curlier.  He developed more muscle and began looking considerably younger.

Dr. Frank was ahead of his time and was a strong advocate for good nutrition including supplements. But his central focus was a decline in energy with age due to gradual DNA decay.  This decay, he said, led to improper formation of RNA, which led in turn to structural defects in our cells and in energy production, leading to physical decline and disease.   

DNA, as you may remember from high school biology, is our genetic blueprint, found in every cell.  It holds all the information needed to grow and maintain a body.  A close cousin of DNA, RNA, takes information from DNA to build proteins to carry out specific tasks, such as “grow a leg” or “repair a wound.” Both DNA and RNA are nucleic acids, long chains of smaller units called nucleotides (NT).

Dr. Frank achieved his anti-aging miracles by rebuilding DNA with a high RNA diet along with a good multivitamin. Sardines and organ meats are rich sources of RNAs and played a prominent role in Dr. Frank’s dietary regimen. (See this article by Ward Dean for the specifics.) 

But chlorella and nutritional yeast are equally high in RNA, and it’s also possible to get DNA/RNA in supplement form.  For general health 1.5 grams a day are recommended; 5-15 grams a day under medical supervision for therapeutic and anti-aging purposes. 

We’ve been getting energized and rejuvenated by the RNA in our new, delicious, low-glycemic meal replacement, Berry Meal Blast™. One scoop provides 400 mg (about ½ gram; 1 gram = 1,000 mg) along with a host of other beneficial, age-defying whole foods ingredients (see references below for more information on Berry Meal Blast™). 


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