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Jan 23rd 2024

Glucosamine and Fish Oil for Joint Comfort and Health

. . . a winning combination

Glucosamine sulfate is known for being as effective as NSAIDS in addressing the pain of arthritis, but without the negative side effects. A few years ago a German study found that adding fish oil led to an even greater pain reduction in moderate to severe hip and knee osteoarthritis over taking glucosamine sulfate alone.

This result shouldn't surprise anyone who knows that inflammation causes pain, and that a deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil is a primary cause of chronic inflammation. (And almost all of us are deficient in omega-3s.) Glucosamine sulfate also has anti-inflammatory properties, but it's best known for rebuilding joints, which heals the fundamental cause of the pain.

It usually takes glucosamine 4-6 weeks to have its full effect on pain levels. This is because it works by rebuilding the joint rather than artificially suppressing pain. But give our Joint Support Formula (containing glucosamine sulfate) and Fish Oil Formula some time and, combined with an anti-inflammatory, alkaline diet and a comprehensive supplement program, you'll have a winning combination.

Now, most glucosamine supplements don't work very well. Here again, it's a question of quality. Without the quality, you don't get the results. Our Joint Support Formula combines high quality, full potency glucosamine sulfate along with chondroitin sulfate; antioxidant and pain-relieving OPCs; and molybdenum, which helps clear the body of toxins that interfere with joint repair. It's a terrific, synergistic formula that's head and shoulders above the crowd of glucosamine products out there. 

Gruenwald J. Effect of glucosamine sulfate with or without omega-3 fatty acids in patients with osteoarthritis. Advances in Therapy. 2009 Sept; 26(9):858-71.




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