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Jan 23rd 2024

I have Multiple Sclerosis. What is necessary for me to start my road to recovery?

Raymond has worked with many MS patients whose MS has gone into remission and not returned. We believe that there is only one disease – malfunctioning cells – and only two reasons cells malfunction – toxicity and nutrient deficiency. Multiple sclerosis, like any other disease, has these two causes and can be reversed with our approach. To start, we always recommend reading Raymond’s book, "Never Be Sick Again". Upon completion, implementation of our solid supplement program starting with our Ultimate Wellness Kit is vital. I also suggest to people with MS to add the Basic or Comprehensive Brain Support Kit. Secondly, having your Vitamin D levels tested. They need to be in the "high normal range. (Note: Request the serum 25 (OH) D test NOT the 1.25(OH) 2D test). Although not by any means a complete answer to multiple sclerosis, recent research has shown that deficiency in D may be a cause as most people who have MS are deficient. Whereas, taking it has not been shown to reverse MS, but it may help symptomatically and it will help to prevent osteoporosis and other problems associated with D deficiency. Multiple Sclerosis has also been linked with allergies, excitotoxins, dairy ingestion and gut disturbances caused by using antibiotics. Raymond had one client with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, and she was completely cured by taking adequate amounts of Vitamin B12. As everyone requires different intakes of vitamins based on their individual deficiencies, B12 is just an example how one simple modification can alter your life.




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