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Jan 23rd 2024

Integrity of Supplements Confirmed

. . . five of the biggest drug industry lies debunked

Recent media accounts condemning the integrity of supplements are nothing new.

The FDA, Big Pharma, and their cronies in the news media have spent years making sure you—the consumer—remain confused and frustrated about using supplements for preventing and reversing disease.

So, we decided to expose five of the most blatant lies told by the drug industry. These cover-ups, half-truths, and untruths covertly inflate the benefits of prescription drugs and downplay the value of nutritional supplements. We hope you see through their big lies long enough to restore your faith in the integrity of supplements…and your health.

BIG LIE #1. Drug industry claims ‘no conflict of interest’. The FDA and Big Pharma have repeatedly teamed up in clinical trials to condemn life-enhancing supplements. Yet, they push through approval of dangerous—but very profitable—prescription drugs. How? By appointing former drug industry executives to FDA advisory committees…lobbying Washington politicians for favors…designing clinical studies that purposefully skew results…and presenting only positive trial results, while withholding negative results or unfavorable drug interactions—to name just a few!

Indeed, a recent study by researchers—published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)—indicated most physicians have serious concerns over how industry-funded clinical trials on prescription medication skew both study design and results.

This leads us to question the validity of Big Pharma-sponsored vitamin studies too.

Obvious conflicts of interest like these put dangerous, expensive drugs into the hands of unsuspecting consumers. And, prevent you from accessing life-enhancing supplements. With U.S. sales of supplements currently totaling around $25 billion versus more than $340 billion for prescription drugs, is it any wonder “their” studies show drugs work and vitamins don’t? Yet the truth is exactly the opposite. Drugs are toxins that poison the body, while vitamins are nutrients that both prevent and cure disease.

Truth #1 confirmedBig Pharma profits influence clinical trial results.

BIG LIE #2. All vitamin studies are created equal. Most scientific studies on supplements showing harm are designed like drug studies. For example, researchers may test a high dose of vitamin E to see what happens. However, vitamins and minerals must be in their natural forms and required amounts to work cooperatively with other nutrients. Only then can they adequately support the many biochemical processes in the body to prevent and cure disease.

Yet, Big Pharma intentionally designs flaws into their vitamin studies by using individual nutrients, low potency, useless filler ingredients, and synthetic forms. This combination provides poor biological activity—even a toxic effect—and thus little benefit to the body. We’ve shown before how these types of studies can’t possibly result in better health.

Truth #2 confirmed…studies on vitamins are designed to fail.

BIG LIE #3. Prescription drugs have a better safety record than vitamins. Really? When was the last time you heard of anyone being harmed by vitamins? Yet the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) reports that painkillers alone accounted for 14,800 deaths…and another 473,600 emergency hospitalizations in 2008. The official statistics show that properly prescribed prescription drugs kill over 100,000 Americans each year, and due to problems of underreporting, the true number is estimated at over 500,000 deaths per year.

Yet, years of scientific research and anecdotal evidence confirms vitamins prevent and heal all sorts of disease conditions. And they do so safely. In fact, we’ve shown time and again how claims of vitamin dangers are eventually proven unfounded. Or, that they can usually be traced to poorly designed studies.

Plus, as loyal Beyond Health subscribers read in our January Newsletter, only a single alleged yet unproven claim of death due to vitamins in 2012 found its way into the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) annual report. Time to put an end to this “drugs are safer than vitamins” nonsense.

Truth #3 confirmed…vitamins are safe…prescription drugs are dangerous!

BIG LIE #4. Mainstream media serves to inform an uneducated public. Not so fast. Instead, the news media proves they’re complicit in Big Pharma’s efforts to worry and confuse consumers. Like the widely-publicized editorial on three suspect studies—lazy journalists used selective reporting and weak interpretations of research data to refute the proven health benefits of nutritional supplements.

In fact, of the more than a thousand favorable studies on supplements, authors of this biased editorial chose just three somewhat unfavorable and poorly designed studies to support their opinions. Yet decades of published research show multivitamins increase energy and stress tolerance, benefit pregnancy outcomes, slow infection rates and loss of bone tissue, protect against heart disease and cancer, and prevent and treat migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, depression…and much more!

Fortunately, we’ll continue to help you—our Beyond Health readers—uncover Big Pharma’s hidden agenda by “decoding” the misinformation and outright lies reported by their accomplices in the media.

Truth #4 confirmed…media bias confuses consumers, ultimately harming health.

BIG LIE #5. All supplements are a waste of your money. Hard to believe, but some dishonest manufacturers of supplements spike their products with prescription drugs to boost their effects on the body. Consumers report serious side effects using these dangerous products. Strokes, liver and kidney failure, blood clots in the lung, and even death. And since 2008, the FDA has forced recalls of hundreds of such products. Primarily those marketed for muscle building, enhanced sexual performance, or weight loss.

We’ve also reported on second rate nutritional companies selling fake supplements online. Such counterfeit products can’t possibly improve your health, and are a waste of your money.

Companies like these lack integrity, and give all supplements a bad name. If you suspect you’ve purchased tainted supplements, we encourage you to notify the FDA through their online Safety Reporting Portal. If you suspect you’re using inferior products, why not give our Beyond Health brand of supplements a try. Our vast experience in nutrition and biochemistry means our products simply work better…so you experience better health. You won’t find better quality, more effective, and safer nutritional supplements anywhere on the market.

Truth #5 confirmed…Only buy supplements from trustworthy sources.

Got any other drug industry lies you’d like to share. Please tell us about them in the comment section below.





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