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Jan 23rd 2024

Is Your Tap Water Making You Sick?

Spina bifida. Asperger’s syndrome. Tourette’s. Bipolar disorder. Organic brain dysfunction. Stillbirths. Miscarriages. Cancer. . . . could all these be caused by the water you use and drink every day? Alarmingly, the answer is yes!

Most public drinking water is less toxic than it was at the marine corps base at Camp Lejeune, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared it a Superfund clean-up site in 1989. But Lejeune’s problems may not be as atypical as you’d think.

This past August, the Veterans Administration was required by law to reimburse members of the military and their dependents that lived so much as a month at Camp Lejeune from 1957-1987 and suffered problems like those above as a result of using and drinking Lejeune’s polluted tap water. Total costs are anticipated to be almost $4 billion over the next ten years. Civilian workers may be entitled to additional benefits under a different law.

. . . tap water is a major source of toxicity today

Before you dismiss Lejeune as an aberration that has nothing to do with you and your tap water, take note that many of the contaminants at Lejeune are commonly found in tap water throughout the US. Trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, benzene and vinyl chloride are only a few of thousands of contaminants in public water that are making people sick from coast to coast. Usually, however, these diseases aren’t traced back to water pollution as they were at Lejeune.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently warned, “We know the government is dropping the ball when it comes to keeping toxic chemicals out of your tap water.” A recent report from EWG found that chlorine alone is forming carcinogenic compounds with organic matter such as leaves, insects and sewage in public water serving 100 million Americans in 43 states.

Toxicity is one of the two causes of disease, and tap water is a major source of toxins today. Does your drinking water have an unappealing taste? There may be a good reason for that! Everyone should protect their health by investing in a reverse osmosis home water purification system to treat their drinking water and by doing regular saunas.

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