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Jan 23rd 2024

Olivella Soap

. . . a traditional Italian beauty treatment Employed by Sophia Loren and other legendary Italian beauties, rubbing olive oil into the skin is a traditional beauty treatment. Olivella Soap, made from 100% virgin olive oil, provides this healthy oil's natural antioxidant protection and moisturizing benefits for soft, velvety skin. Fragrance-free, Olivella has a wonderful natural scent that makes it a pleasure to use. Most soaps today are anything but clean! Common ingredients are associated with damaged immunity, respiratory problems, depressed central nervous system, eye irritation, allergies and cancer. SLS is often used in soaps as a lathering agent, In addition to the problems listed above,SLS breaks down fats and impairs the skin's ability to retain moisture, leading to dry skin. The antibacterial Triclosan is often found in soaps; Triclosan is a mutagen and eye irritant, and is associated with liver damage. Olivella soap is made from saponified virgin olive oil. Saponified means the oil has been reacted with a strong alkali -- soap is made by combining a fat with caustic soda. While you're treating yourself to Olivella Soap, don't forget to treat yourself with Beyond Health Olive Oil on your salads and vegetables. A true olive oil (most olive oils are fake), no wonder it tastes so good! Siegel-Maier K. Get the real dirt on what's in your soap. Better Nutrition. February 2001, pp. 56-59.




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