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Recovering from Allergic Reactions

Jan 23rd 2024

Recovering from Allergic Reactions

Get the inflammation and acidity down

Some allergens are unavoidable. But allergic reactions are very taxing to the body and getting them under control as soon as you can will not only make you more comfortable, it will prevent damage to your tissues.

Vitamin C and quercetin, which is a natural antihistamine, are a powerful combination in subduing inflammation. Take maximum doses to nip those allergic reactions in the bud.

Allergic reactions make the body acidic, further exacerbating inflammation and damage to body tissues. Many biochemical processes are hampered in an acidic environment. Take one or two magnesium capsules with a teaspoon of choline citrate to restore a healthy alkalinity. You can check your pH levels with pH paper. For taking magnesium with choline citrate to restore body alkalinity click through to these instructions.

Taking enzymes between meals breaks up immune complexes that are formed by allergic reactions, which are damaging to the body.

Avoiding allergens where you can, and strengthening your immunity with plenty of daily vitamin C, adequate amounts of vitamin D, and a good alkaline diet excluding The Big Four (sugar, wheat and refined flour, processed oils, and dairy/excess animal protein) will lead to fewer and less severe allergic reactions over time.

The immune system needs to be supported so the reactivity to the harmful substance can be calmed down, while breaking down and disposing of excess mucus. Beyond Health’s Allergy Defense Formula contains 13 active ingredients which address this complex reaction in many ways, and clear up symptoms easily.




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