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Jan 23rd 2024

Vaccination Terror

REPRINTED FROM BEYOND HEALTH® News by Raymond Francis Our children need our protection. As more people come to the realization that vaccinations are dangerous and ineffective, those who “look after our health” are becoming desperate and turning to the police power of the government to force vaccinations on the public. Most of you may be familiar with the recent TV images of people being forced, virtually at gunpoint, to vaccinate their children in New Jersey. In truth, under existing law, no one can force you to have a vaccination, but that may change if we are foolish enough to let it happen. New Jersey may be on the way to becoming the first state to make childhood vaccination a legal requirement. Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children would become criminals subject to arrest and imprisonment. Then there is the spectacle of the New York pediatrician, Dr. Mark Nesselson, who conspired with families to get their children into school without being vaccinated. Dr. Nesselson began to question the safety of vaccines in the 1990’s and admitted to falsifying forms for numerous children. He was prosecuted, fined $10,000 and is allowed to practice only under supervision. In fact, many doctors, after seeing too many children killed and injured by vaccinations, do this same thing quietly, at peril to their careers. I am reminded that in October of 2000, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons unanimously passed a resolution calling for an end to all government-mandated vaccinations. The resolution said that “mass vaccination is equivalent to human experimentation and subject to the Nuremberg Code, which requires voluntary informed consent.” Meanwhile, the latest vaccine is killing and maiming young girls by the thousands. Gardasil, a vaccine approved by the FDA in July of 2006, and falsely hailed as the “long awaited cure for cervical cancer,” is producing some alarming side effects. These include death and paralysis—but not to worry—these are only side effects! The official numbers, and the official numbers are always far too low due to rampant underreporting, show that at least five young girls have died from this vaccine. More than 1400 have been rushed to emergency rooms, some with life-threatening conditions. Of these, over 450 have not yet recovered, and more than 50 have been permanently disabled. Not bad for a vaccine that that has been on the market for only a year and a half. Imagine if any other product did something like that; it would be taken off the market in seconds! Vaccinations are irrational, first because they are ineffective and dangerous, but also because germs don’t cause disease. We live in harmony in a sea of germs. It is only when we disturb that harmony with poor diets, lifestyle choices and toxic exposures, that we become infected. The solution is not immune-damaging vaccinations, but immune-enhancing foods and supplements and avoiding toxins. Because I do this, I have had only one cold in the last 20 years, and I probably would not have had that were it not for the permanent damage to my immune system caused by my many vaccinations as a child and in the military. Raymond Francis is an MIT-trained scientist, a registered nutrition consultant, author of Never Be Sick Again, Never Be Fat Again, Never Fear Cancer Again, and an internationally recognized leader in optimal health maintenance. Reprinted with permission from: Beyond Health® News email: Copyright 2008, Beyond Health




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