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Jan 23rd 2024


Welcome to the Beyond Health Blog. I am extremely excited to share a wealth of information to our viewers. Having been active on social media platforms such as Facebook for some time now, I have come to realize that we need more space for the publication of detailed reports about Beyond Health's mission. For this reason, I have decided to launch the Beyond Health Blog as a new channel that will serve as a complementary source of communication for all of you. We want you to think of this blog as an online diary that you don't mind sharing publicly. Our Blog will enable you to gain a greater understanding why we care about you and your health. Content will include regular contributions from myself, my respected staff members, colleagues, questions and answers, articles, testimonials, customer stories, upcoming events, promotions, and urgent news breaks. I have designed this for you! I want you to always feel we are here as a resourceful tool and as a friend you can count on. I welcome your input regarding possible topics, wishes or suggestions, and invite you to contact me at I hope you enjoy the blog and look forward to receiving your feedback. In good health, Raymond Francis




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