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Jan 23rd 2024

Why Isn't the Government Protecting Us?

. . . You're on your own for now! You might be wondering how it's possible that dangerous chemicals are allowed in common personal care products. It's because our laws in this area were written before "better living through chemistry" had shown its darker side, and they've never been brought up to date. As a result, manufacturers can introduce and include any chemicals they like in their products without safety tests. It's left up to the public to prove the chemicals are harmful through the courts. This is next to impossible when you're dealing with a slow erosion in health caused by hundreds of different toxins working together. Two new laws, the Safe Chemicals Act and the Safe Cosmetics Act, were proposed this past spring to remedy the situation. They embody the "precautionary principle" of not allowing synthetic chemicals into general use until they've already been proven to be safe.




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