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Jan 23rd 2024

Action Alert: Stop Genetically-Engineered Salmon

. . . yet another assault on our food system Over the holidays, the Food and Drug Administration took a major step toward approving the first genetically-engineered (GE) fish, a salmon designed to over-produce growth hormone so that it becomes twice as big as normal salmon. This monstrosity has been nicknamed “frankenfish.” Only a massive protest from the public (that means us!) can block approval. Salmon used to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet, but not anymore. As a large fatty fish high on the food chain, salmon concentrates toxins which have proliferated in our oceans in its fatty tissues. While wild salmon is still an acceptable food in small quantities, farmed salmon is not. A 2004 study in the journal Science that analyzed salmon from all over the world found that farmed salmon contained substantially more toxins than wild-caught. These factory-farmed fish are fed a toxic diet and given growth hormones and antibiotics. Because they develop an unappetizing whitish/grey color, they’re also given artificial dyes to become more appealingly pink. And now they want to create a fish-monster, some of which will inevitably escape the confines of the fish farm and breed with wild salmon to contaminate the species. Even now as much as 40% of "wild-caught" Atlantic salmon consists of farmed salmon that have escaped. GE foods have been outlawed in countries around the world with good reason. Animal studies have found they cause damage to the liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, adrenal glands, intestines, spleen, and pancreas; also that they shorten life and promote massive tumors. Only a massive public outcry will stop this impending disaster. Your participation is needed before the February 25th deadline. Even if you’re a vegan, there are 13 new GE crops awaiting approval, so this issue is bigger than salmon. Please click here to JUST SAY NO to frankenfish.
Hites RA. Global assessment of organic contaminants in farmed salmon. Science. January 2004; 303(5655):226-229.




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