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Jan 23rd 2024

Not Feeling in the Pink? Try Zinc!

. . . building healthy immunity Building a healthy immune system, so that it's there when you need it, means fortifying yourself with all the basic vitamins and minerals every day. It's also important to keep inflammation under control. Chronic inflammation is a constant tax on the immune system, weakening immunity. It tends to increase with age; however it can be controlled with good diet, supplements and other healthy lifestyle choices. (See my article on Inflammation for how to reduce chronic inflammation.) Zinc is one of the foundation nutrients needed for building a strong immune system. Very often deficient in the elderly, it's been proven to reduce excess inflammation and to restore vigor to immune cells. It seems to condition immune cells so that they're ready to meet the challenge of flu. If you're unable to avoid a cold or the flu, extra zinc is helpful in reducing the severity and duration of symptoms. A recent review of 15 different studies using zinc for colds confirmed that in doses of 75-150 mg per day zinc, especially in lozenge form, did this very well. In an earlier study, patients took one lozenge containing 13.3 mg of zinc every 2 hours as long as they had symptoms. Here too zinc helped reduce symptoms and speed recovery. For daily zinc support, take the Beyond Health Multi as well as our Bone Mineral Formula. For extra support should you get a cold or flu, take Beyond Health Zinc Formula tablets or our Zinc & Throat Guard Lozenges.  (You'll also get some extra zinc in our powdered Vitamin C, although not in our Vitamin C tablets.) Zinc tablets and lozenges should be taken with food to prevent nausea. Kahmann L. Zinc supplementation in the elderly reduces spontaneous inflammatory cytokine release and restores T cell functions. Rejuvenation Research. 2008 February;11(1):227-237. Putics A. Zinc supplementation boosts the stress response in the elderly: Hsp status is linked to zinc availability in peripheral lymphocytes. Experimental Gerontology. 2008;43:452-461.     Singh M. Zinc for the common cold. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Published online October 5, 2011.   Mossad SB. Zinc gluconate lozenges for treating the common cold. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Annals of Internal Medicine. 1996 July 15;125(2):81-88.




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