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Protect Your Freedom to Choose Good Health

Jan 23rd 2024

Protect Your Freedom to Choose Good Health

With the 4th of July right around the corner and increasing assault on many of our health freedoms, it’s not always easy to know which health considerations we face matter most in preventing and eliminating disease. With that, we’re highlighting four of the most critical health decisions facing Americans today, as well as ways you can free yourself from the grip of our modern medical and food industries’ failed solutions for healthy living.

  1. “Mandated” vaccinations. We’ve said before how vaccinations are one of conventional medicine’s greatest blunders. High amounts of mercury and aluminum provide no health benefits, only brain damage, depressed immunity, autoimmune syndromes, and more.

Free yourself by…researching the risks associated with vaccinations. For your convenience, we’ll continue to set the record straight on the dangers of vaccinations for both kids and adults. After you understand the serious nature of these risks, you’ll be ready to exempt yourself from participating in any “government-mandated” vaccination programs.

  1. Food chemicals. Our food is anything but natural. The 14,000 or so man-made chemicals—like artificial colors, flavors, flavor enhancers, preservatives, sweeteners, processing aids, and more—added when producing or processing foods are meant to make them appear fresher, look attractive, and last longer on the shelf. Yet time and time again we’ve alerted you to disease conditions resulting from eating these toxic foods.

Free yourself by…adopting a lifestyle that promotes healthy eating. Refuse to buy or consume overly processed foods filled with dangerous chemicals, and instead, make it a habit to eat only natural foods, organic and unprocessed, including a minimum of 7 servings per day of raw fruits and vegetables to remain disease free.

  1. Prescription medications. We’ve previously revealed America’s increased desire to medicate disease conditions, yet countless studies confirm prescription drugs are one of America’s leading causes of disease and death. In fact, over half of all adults take two or more medications daily—even though properly prescribed prescription drugs are the acknowledged third-leading cause of death in America!

Free yourself by…adopting our proven Beyond Health model for preventing or eliminating disease. It starts with educating yourself so you can avoid the need for medical treatment, and instead, use natural foods and supplements to get healthy and stay healthy.

  1. Freedom from media bias and misinformation. The medical industry, food and drug manufacturers and lobbyists, and FDA continue to hide behind the media and political institutions that distort the facts on the dangers of prescription drugs, the important role of organic produce in our food supply, and the value of supplements to maintain and restore health.

Free yourself by…taking action whenever we highlight dangerous assaults on your health freedoms. If you haven’t seen our recent post, take a few minutes now and tell our intrusive FDA officials you won’t stand for their latest nonsense involving nutrition and supplement label changes that minimize the critical role supplements play in promoting good health. In truth, these changes are ultimately aimed at getting most vitamin supplements off the market because nutrients are more effective than drugs, and the drug companies don't like the competition. If the FDA gets it way, only biologically ineffective supplements will be allowed on the market. Be sure to click on the above and tell the FDA what you think.

Taking these simple steps means taking back control of your health, and restoring your freedom to choose good health.




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