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Jan 23rd 2024

Shocking Report: Americans, Even Supplement-Takers, Found Abysmally Low on Nutrients

. . . low-quality supplements just don't cut it

A recent survey by the National Center for Health Statistics found alarming and widespread nutrient deficiency even among people taking supplements and eating fortified foods!!

Assessing nutrient intake from food, fortification and supplements combined, researchers found that the percentage of individuals aged 2 years and over falling 20% below the Recommended Daily Requirements (which are already too low for optimal health) was:

70% for vitamin D 60% for vitamin E 45% for magnesium 38% for calcium 34% for vitamin A 25% for vitamin C

Smaller percentages fell below in the B vitamins, zinc, iron, copper, potassium and selenium.

Although more Americans are taking multivitamins than ever before (about 40% of the population, and about 80% of these on a daily basis) most people take junk vitamins bought at drugstores and large discount stores. Fortification is helping to supply nutrients, but only cheap and ineffective forms of vitamins and minerals are used to fortify foods.

A nutrient-dense diet and high-quality supplements, like the Beyond Health Multi-Vitamin, essential fatty acids, Vitamin C and Beyond Health Bone Support, are essential if you want to enjoy lifelong optimal health. If you are short on only one of the nutrients listed above, your body cannot function as it should and sooner or later you will get sick!

Fulgoni VL. Foods, fortificants, and supplements:  Where do Americans get their nutrients? The Journal of Nutrition. October 2011; 14(10):1847-1854.




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