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The Real Cause of Osteoporosis: Acidosis

Jan 23rd 2024

The Real Cause of Osteoporosis: Acidosis

Osteoporosis [is the price we pay for] chronic metabolic acidosis, which robs us of our mineral reserves and impairs efforts to rebuild the bone matrix. – Susan E. Brown, PhD, CCN, and Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CNN

Both men and women are concerned about their bones.  Unfortunately, this well-founded concern (more than half the US population over fifty is affected by osteoporosis and low bone density) has led too many people to focus solely on loading up on calcium with or without vitamin D.

We’ve written before about the need for a full “team” of nutrients to build bone. Our Bone Mineral Formula contains such a team—19 different nutrients interacting synergistically.

But diet plays an even more central role in preventing osteoporosis, specifically when it comes to acid-alkaline balance.

Bones aren’t just scaffolding; they’re also storage depots for minerals. Our survival depends on maintaining a certain range of pH (a measure of acid-alkaline balance) in our blood. When you eat too many acidic foods, like grains, sugar, soft drinks, processed foods and animal protein, your blood starts becoming too acidic. If you aren’t consuming enough alkalizing minerals like calcium and magnesium to balance this acid, these minerals are drawn out of your bones until the required blood pH is achieved. Over time, if more minerals are withdrawn than replaced, you lose bone density and become more prone to fractures.

Are you overdrawing your bone mineral bank account?  An inexpensive home test provides a clue. For $10, you can buy a roll of pH paper . Tear off a small piece of pH paper and pass it through your urine stream first thing in the morning after at least 6 hours of bed rest. Then compare the color of the paper to the provided chart to get your pH number. It should be between 6.5 and 7.5. Less than 6.5 on an ongoing basis means your cells are too acidic, and you are likely overdrawn.

To build up your alkaline reserves, maintain a diet high in fruits and vegetables and alkalizing supplements such as the highly bioavailable organic minerals in Beyond Health’s Multi , Bone Mineral Formula ,

Magnesium, and buffered vitamin C . While most supplements use minerals in inorganic forms that the body can’t use as effectively, the minerals in our formulas are all organic and accompanied by the right transporters and cofactors to maximize utilization. We also avoid acidifying sulfates and phosphates.

Also:  Breathe deeply to expel acidic carbon dioxide and inhale alkalizing oxygen. Minimize and manage stress, which is acidifying, Toxins are acidifying, as are many medications and chronic dehydration. Chronic infections and other chronic and acute diseases are also acidifying, as are allergic reactions. We recommend taking magnesium with choline citrate and our powdered vitamin C to counteract the acidifying effects of allergic reactions and for any other acidifying condition. Many people take magnesium and choline citrate on an ongoing basis. 

As Raymond Francis explains in The Great American Health Hoax and in articles on pH, maintaining proper pH is a key factor in achieving and maintaining good health. Strong, healthy bones are only one of its many happy results.


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