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Jan 23rd 2024

Why IndiuMagic?

. . . a completely safe solution to the problem of body odor!

There are quite a few "alternative" deodorants on the market today, but they aren't a whole lot better than those you'd buy at your local drugstore. One example is the crystal deodorant stones that claim to be aluminum-free while containing a form of aluminum!

It usually takes me a long time to find products that meet my exacting standards for safety, effectiveness and value. But wading through all the deodorants out there took years! When I finally found IndiuMagic I was ecstatic.

This simple and completely safe product has only two ingredients: indium sulfate and water. It's safe enough to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for oral use!

It's not an antiperspirant; I don't recommend clogging your pores to prevent perspiration. What it does do is prevent body odor. And it does this in a most ingenious way.

Body odor is caused by bacterial growth on the skin. These bacteria need water to thrive and multiply. The indium sulfate in IndiuMagic increases the surface tension of the water on the skin, thus depriving the bacteria of the water they need.

The same surface tension prevents the skin from absorbing the indium sulfate. This adds to its safety profile, and also to its effectiveness and value since it keeps working until you wash it off! One 4-ounce bottle lasts 6-12 months -- 7 times longer than standard deodorant products!

Now you can look for deodorant products yourself. As I said last week, it's certainly possible to learn about toxic ingredients and read labels. You should be aware, however, that bodycare products manufacturers take advantage of a special loophole to keep from listing some ingredients on labels. "Fragrance" formulas are considered proprietary information, so if a label lists "fragrance" it can contain any of over 3,000 synthetic chemicals that don't have to be listed separately. This often includes parabens (mentioned above) and phthalates, also hormone disruptors with estrogenic effects.

But why do all that work to reinvent the wheel? Putting my chemistry background to work for you so you don't have to do it yourself is what Beyond Health is all about.

IndiuMagic is completely safe, it's a terrific value, and it's the most elegantly effective solution to the problem of body odor I've found after years of searching.




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