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Jan 23rd 2024

Why We Love Our Basic Wellness Kit

As 2014 ends, we’re celebrating the three exceptional products in our Basic Wellness Kit: our Vitamin C (powder and tablets), Multi-Vitamin, and EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) Formula. All of these products are best-sellers with good reason. Each is critical to health, and each product stands head and shoulders above similar products in quality and results.

Beyond Health Vitamin C

We call vitamin C “the most miraculous molecule you can put into your body.” Of its more than 300 functions in the human body, perhaps most important is its role as a key antioxidant, able to interact with and regenerate most of the other antioxidants, including glutathione. C is critical for maintaining body tissues for younger looking skin, supple joints, healthy blood vessels, and strong bones. Our immune system cannot function without it, and vitamin C also supports the adrenal glands, especially during stress, and removes heavy metals and other toxins from the body. Yet most people get far less than our recommended minimum of 6 grams/day.

Our Vitamin C Buffered Powder is the purest money can buy!  Sensitive people who’ve been unable to tolerate other vitamin C products get wonderful results with ours, while its purity guarantees outstanding performance for everyone. Our vitamin C is corn-antigen free (eliminating any allergy or sensitivity problems people may have with corn), fully reduced (it retains 100% of its antioxidant power) and buffered (it helps maintain a healthy pH), and is 100% L-ascorbate (no D-ascorbate—an irritant and biologically useless form of C found in most vitamin C products).

The Beyond Health Multi-Vitamin

In 2002, Harvard researchers reported that most Americans get enough nutrients in their diet to prevent overt deficiency diseases like scurvy and beriberi, but not enough to prevent chronic disease. They concluded everyone should take a daily multivitamin.

But compared to ours, the average multi is like a typewriter versus our high-speed computer. With most multis, you’ll get low potencies of cheap, synthetic ingredients with limited bioavailability, poor formulation, and binders and fillers that further limit effectiveness and introduce toxins.

The technologically advanced Beyond Health Multi-Vitamin provides full potencies of nutrients in food-quality, highly bioavailable forms along with co-factors that facilitate absorption and utilization. Free of harmful binders and fillers, they are many times more potent and effective than other multivitamins!

The Beyond Health EFA Formula

The body cannot make EFAs; they must be ingested. Yet EFAs are required for building healthy cell membranes. This is especially critical to brain function and emotional well-being. Your body creates almost one trillion new cells daily. If their membranes are made from the wrong fats, you are creating almost a trillion malfunctioning cells each and every day! Unfortunately, more than 90% of us aren’t getting enough!

Our EFA Formula fills this gap with a uniquely balanced array of EFAs from the purest organic oils.

The Beyond Health Difference

Your health is our mission. To fulfill that mission, we supply the fundamental nutrients needed for good health with an unparalleled commitment to quality. Try our Basic Wellness Kit, and feel the Beyond Health difference!


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