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Beyond Health’s Wellness Kit #3— Detoxification Support

Jan 23rd 2024

Beyond Health’s Wellness Kit #3— Detoxification Support

“Virtually every human being on earth can now be considered physiologically and biochemically polluted by human-made chemicals.” — Toxicologist James Siow, MD, PhD, of the Australian National Institute of Integrative Medicine.

We’re all in toxic overload, and this is having a disastrous effect on our health! The body has wonderful detoxification systems, but they’re being overwhelmed by the unprecedented number of man-made chemicals they’re forced to deal with.  According to toxicologist James Siow , with our current exposure to toxins, the average individual can process and excrete only about 40-60% of the toxins they’re exposed to. The remainder bio-accumulates in tissues and organs, doing more and more damage over time.

According to a 2016 report commissioned by the World Health Organization (WHO ), about one quarter of the global disease burden and more than one third of the burden among children is due to modifiable environmental factors.

At Beyond Health, we believe toxicity is one of the two causes of ALL disease, but it is especially linked with neurological and behavioral disturbances, obesity, immune dysfunction, lung disease, developmental abnormalities in children, and hormone disruption leading to thyroid issues, fertility and reproductive problems, and hormone-related cancers. 

Long before disease is diagnosed, symptoms of toxicity include decreased energy and endurance, poor immunity, and lack of resilience in dealing with everyday stress. 

Being healthy today requires a pro-active stance: 1) avoiding toxins wherever possible, 2) strengthening detoxification pathways through excellent nutrition, and 3) using saunas and other means to support elimination of toxins. Anyone suffering from a chronic disease would be smart to consult a clinical ecologist to assess and treat their specific body burden of toxins.

In recent Newsclips we’ve been talking about Beyond Health’s Wellness Kits —products we consider fundamental to good health. Our powerful multi and potent vitamin C in Kit #1 , plus essential fatty acids in Kit #2 supply nutrients that are critical to biochemical detoxification pathways.

Wellness Kit #3 offers one more fundamental supplement, Beyond Health’s Cell Detox Formula . This unique hypoallergenic, vegetarian formula, backed by more than 80 peer-reviewed studies, effectively clears your body of toxins in three ways:

1.Toxins damage cells, cell membranes, tissues and organs with free radicals. Cell Detox supplies building blocks for the body’s free radical suppression system, which neutralizes toxins and prepares them for excretion.

2. Healthy cell membranes allow nutrients into our cells and push toxins out. Cell Detox supplies vitamin C in a fat-soluble form that protects cell membranes, which are composed mainly of fats, while supplying choline and inositol to fortify and build healthy cell membranes.

3. Toxins drain the body of energy, yet energy is needed for detoxification. Cell Detox supplies nutrients that work in the body’s energy factories, the mitochondria, to increase your energy supply. 

Who would benefit from Beyond Health’s Cell Detox Formula? Anyone dealing with the toxic world we all now inhabit! Although two tablets a day are best, if you’re short on money, take at least one tablet before your fattiest meal (Cell Detox also helps digest fats), and one bottle will last 3 months. 


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  4. For specifics on toxin avoidance and detoxification support, see any of Raymond Francis’ books.  




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